Hawaiian Roots: Generation 5:

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Source: Hawaiian Roots: Generation 5:


Hawaiian Roots: Generation 5:

Hawaiian Roots: Generation 5:

Source: Hawaiian Roots: Generation 5:

Sim Criminal Investigative Services (SCIS): Generation 1: Scientist of Solitude

Abigail says, ‘Good night’ to all of her special friends, including you, as she reads a book before heading to bed after her first shift at the Science Lab.

Source: Sim Criminal Investigative Services (SCIS): Generation 1: Scientist of Solitude

The Lewis Family Undercover Specialists: Generation One


Chapter Two: Moving Back to Earth

Well welcome back to the Lewis family where Antoinette is working undercover in the ‘evil’ division of the Criminal Corporation where she is working her way to the top in order to bring the Boss of the crime ring who had killed her parents when she was a young teenager. Antoinette is actually part of a special crime fighting task force where it’s agents go undercover in various job and careers and work their way to the top in order to bring the bosses of major crime and drug rings around Simland in an effort to put an end to the unnecessary bloodshed of innocent victims and in the process avenge her parents’ murder. This courageous woman hopes to raise her children to follow in her footsteps and work undercover in various careers to catch the leaders of these crime rings.

While working in the Criminal Corporation in the space town or Lunar Lakes she uncovered some information that indicated that the crime boss she was looking for had recently been transferred to Starlight Shores. It just so happened that a few days later an internal job posting came up for a con artist position with the Starlight Black Market of the city’s crime syndicate. Antoinette applied for the position and after many internal interviews was on her way to Starlight Shores to begin her new life as a con artist. After packing clothing and necessities and selling their home, Antoinette and her sons boarded the SimVoyager for their trip back to earth and then flew out Starlight Shores where one of the local real estate agents helped the family find an affordable new home.

Now that the family has been in Starlight Shores for several Sim years which translates into six months of real life time, let’s check out the family album where their activities and adventures are documented.

A Starlight Summer

Antoine teaching his little brother, Bahar to talk. Bahar’s father is Hassan Bahar from Egypt.

Here are a few pictures of the Lewis family’s new home.

Antoinette, Antoine and Bahar watching TV.

Bahar learning to walk in the new child walker.

Antoinette is on her first date with her boss Simon Hodges. Romance sparked between them and they shared their first kiss.

Antoinette and Simon were naughty and tried for a baby in the photo booth at the Summer Fair.

Bahar trying out the new playpen.

Antoinette got abducted by aliens. Nothing happened with them as a few days later Antoinette found out she was pregnant with Simon’s child.

Antoinette is officially pregnant.

Bahar all ready for school.

Bahar likes to hold court.

Antoinette on her second date with Simon Hodges.

Antoine decided to go dumpster diving and he found a bedside lamp.

Introducing baby Simone, daughter of Antoinette and Simon

Antoine’s First Semester at Sim University

Simon is now a young adult ready to begin his acrobat career. (as per 2nd gen Random roll). He decided to attend university first and major in athletics to help his career.

Antoine Lewis decided to enroll in the physical education major at Sim University. Here he is at the meet and greet session in the Student Union building on campus at the beginning of his first semester.

Antoine doing some studying with one of his roommates, Karri Elrod while at a social function at another dorm on campus. Little did he know that day but by the beginning of his third semester, this lovely lady would become his wife.

Antoine’s first night on campus.

Antoine’s home while in university. This is a co-ed dormitory.

Studying for his exam at the end of the week.

Antoine’s class decided to study outside on this lovely day.

A student’s mode of transportation: bicycle.

Having fun with the soccer ball.

Antoine got a little nap in before the start of the lecture.

Antoine taking notes.

The professor was a little boring and put half the students to sleep.

In the ‘heat of the moment’, Antoine gave Karri a kiss. She didn’t appreciate the hasty move.

After receiving a B for his first semester, Antoine and Karri spent the afternoon together and watched the stars together before it was time for Antoine to head home.

Second Semester

Antoine returned home for a couple of days and here is Antoinette holding her daughter, Simone.

Antoinette seeing Antoine off to university for his second semester.

Antoine finally sharing his first kiss with Karri Elrod and they are now a couple.

Antoine is being very studious and taking notes even before the lecture begins.

This is Antoine’s professor this semester.

Antoine and Karri on their second date watching the stars.

Karri loves to have fun and went dumpster diving at the end of their date.

Antoine aced his final exam. He made the Dean’s List in his second semester.

Antoine playing in the leaf pile.

Antoine and Karri went on a date to one of the fishing parks and were treated to a mini-magic show.

Back home, Antoine working out with his mother.

Antoine practicing his acrobat stunts.

He gained quite a crowd of watchers for his first time performing for tips.

Antoine’s little sister, Simone is now a cute toddler.

Antoine invited Karri for a visit. They decided to travel back to university together so Karri moved in with the family.

Karri got some new clothes for the winter.

Antoine reading to his brother, Bahar.

Fun-spirited, Karri had some fun playing in puddles.

University Graduates

Bahar Lewis as a teenager. (His father was Hassan Bahar from Egypt but the family lost contact with him after their move to Starlight Shores)

Antoine and Karri finally were able to go out on a date together. They had a special night falling in love and getting married before heading back to university to finish their degress.

Their private wedding. Karri was cold in her formal dress and put her outdoor clothes back on.

Antoinette is now a hench woman in the ‘Evil’ criminal career and is well on her way to the top.

Antoinette took a couple of days to deliver a package for her boss to a contact in Egypt. While there she retrieved some important MorcuCorp papers for some locals looking into their shady deals.

A view of the pyramids at night.

Antoinette looking for some treasures to take home with her.

Antoinette in her new senior clothes.

Antoine and Karri back at university to complete their degrees. Antoine got his degree in sports and while Karri majored in Communications.

Antoine entertaining guest at a party the first night back.

Antoine finishing his first day of classes.

Karri coming out of her last class of the day.

Antoine fulfilled a party dare to go dumpster diving.

Karri broadcasting campus news as part of her class activity.

A snowy night on campus.

Karri’s professor, Garrison Fort.

The professor couldn’t quite keep the students’ attention.

Karri was the only one who stayed awake.

Dress code is a little lax. This student went to class in his sleepwear.

Karri just aced her midterm exam.

Karri loves to have fun and goes streaking at most of the parties she attends.

Antoine decided to write the science fiction novel he had been wanting to write that weekend.

Karri decided to write one, too since improving her writing skills helps her major.

Antoine doing some class activities for his sports major.

Karri all ready for her lecture class.

Karri studying for her finals.

Antoinette was able to attend Antoine and Karri’s graduation. Bahar stayed home to take care of his little sister, Simone.

Karri graduated with a B average and gained the ‘bookworm’ trait.

Antoine finished with an A average and gained the ‘Natural Born Perfomer’ trait to help him in his acrobat career.

Karri decided to celebrate her graduation by going dumpster diving for one last time before going home.

That’s all the family photos for now and hope you enjoy!


Note: Generation 2 will begin when Antoinette reaches the top of her career and Antoine’s brother, Bahar or sister, Simone (depending on which one fits the generation rolls the best) join him and Karri after they finish their studies.

Here are the results of the second generation rolls:

Family Structure: Full House with 4 adults
Number of Children: 3
Careers: Journalism-Karri, Acrobat-Antoine, Inventor, Education
Generation Goal: Perfectionist
Miscellaneous Fun: It’s So You (decorate each Sims room according to reflect who they are)

The Martingale Songbirds: Generation 2, Chapter Three:

 Island Paradise




Greetings from the beautiful Winchester Island located in the Simlish channel, this is Liz Martingale along with my wonderful husband, Oaken inviting all of our friends to join us in our new home for a fun-filled Spring Fever holiday where you can just relax and do whatever your heart desires. For those who like real adventure, hop in our new hot air balloon and do some sight-seeing from the sky or take our new horse for a ride around the countryside or just stay behind and visit or come see me perform a show at the Performance Park. For those of you who just want relax, I’ll leave our family album on the table for your viewing pleasure of the family activities over the past few months.


Island Summer
The main floor of the main floor of the Martingales’ new home on Winchester Island

The upstairs with a future nursery.

Lullaby Liz playing the piano while the family’s rising singer, Electrifying Eden looks on.

Eden doing the Smustle Dance.

Eden’s brother, Owen is also musically talented but is undecided in his career choice as he is still in high school

Oaken (Liz’s hubby) wanted to adopt a horse and found this lovely Hanoverian at the stables. His name is Arashi.

Electrifying Eden delivering her first sing-o-gram.

Lullaby Liz’s first show at the local performance park. She was so amazing that the proprietors awarded her with a weekly gig.

Eden is also an author and she was asked by one of the merchants in China to sneak one of her books into the country. Here she is doing some exploring under the market while looking for lapis lupus for the local relic merchant.

While she was out looking for assassin beetles, Eden found some buried treasure.

Lullaby Liz put on a great show at the local Coffee House.

Electrifying Eden performing for tips for the first time. Even though she didn’t make much in tips it was a good experience and she made a new friend.

Lullaby Liz helping one of her neighbors get in the romantic mood.

It seems that someone always wants Liz for something when she’s busy.

Blooper shot. Somehow Owen got stuck in the foundation of the family’s home.

The smustle dance in action (Just click to view video clip)


Lullaby Liz’s concert at the Performance Park.



Coffee House concert



Eden’s first year at Sims University

This is one of the plant people who was one of Eden’s roommates.

Eden meeting some of the other students at the ‘Meet and Greet’.

Eden working on her sketching techniques for her Fine Arts major.

Jeffery Dean from the Fraternity, invited Eden to all of his parties including this one on the first night that Eden arrived. Keg stands are a very popular party activity.

Eden even tried it.

One guest let his plasma level get too low. Mr Grim let him live as he had fun watching his calamities.

This Sim is just glad to be alive.

First day of classes. Eden had a busy schedule with 3 classes on Mon, Wed, Fri and one on Tue and Thurs for 5 classes in all.

Eden attending her first lecture. Eden ended up with one of the highest grades in her courses.

Eden was dared to kiss someone at the party so she kissed Jeffery Dean and they promptly fell in love with each other.

Eden is a good sport and fulfilled a dare to go dumpster diving.

On Thursdays Eden’s class goes outside to practice their sketches.

Eden was dared to have a game of juice-ping pong with someone, so she challenged Jeffery Dean. He won but Eden did get a few shots including one right into his mouth.

Eden and Jeffery went bowling together for their first date.

Things got romantic after dinner and she received two bouquets of flowers.

You are being watched!

Eden’s sketch of a basketball game.

University Town in the fall.

Eden was dared to go streaking at the party which she did after getting a little juiced.

A dark, rainy day.

Eden doing the keg stand with help from Jeffery.

Eden decided to get some fall outfits and look more like a university student.

Some of the students still hung over from Jeffery’s party the night before.

Eden studying for her midterms which she aced and got on the Dean’s Honor List.

Watching the stars together.

The next few pictures are of some more of Eden’s sketches.

Sims version of Tim Horton’s or Starbucks.

Eden and Jeffery taking a romantic photo of themselves.

Eden’s last party before heading home.

University Graduates
During her break from university, Eden invited Jeffery to visit her and meet the rest of the family in Winchester.

They missed each other so much and their flame of love was ignited once again.

Eden was so head-over-heels in love with Jeffery that she proposed not long after Jeffery arrived for his visit. Of course, he was thrilled and said, “YES” as he was in love with her, too.

Meet Eden’s loving husband, Jeffery. By the time they graduated from university, the happy couple had earned the ‘Eternally Faithful’ status.

Wintertime on campus.

View of the hills. It snowed for the whole winter semester.

Eden making a snow angel

This is Ezra Bellamy, Eden and Jeffery’s professor for the term.

The newlyweds enjoying each other’s company.

Love is in the air.

That weekend, Eden finally found time to write her science fiction novel.

Eden likes to sketch whenever and wherever the mood hits her.

Practicing her protesting skills.

Jeffery practicing a speech at a party.

Jeffery helped thaw out a fairy who was frozen in the snow.

Jeffery & Eden practicing their sketch technique during class activity. Both he and Eden were on the Dean’s List.

Jeffery and Eden taking notes.

Eden practicing the school cheer with one of her roommates.

Eden aced her final exam.

Graduation day. Eden’s parents, Oaken & Liz along with her brother Owen were able to attend. Eden did so well in university she gained two extra traits: Social Butterfly & avant-garde.

That’s all the pictures for now and Oaken and I are proud of Eden and Oaken for doing so well in university. We now look forward to finishing our careers and hopefully become grandparents before our time on earth ends. Hope you all have a great spring and Easter and please join Eden as she takes over the family story next time.


Your friends always,


Oaken and Liz Martingale (Lullaby Liz)

The Steelwoods: Faithful Pioneers, Generation Two



A New Challenge: Journey to Love


Welcome to the quaint, colorful Russian town of Aurora Skies where visitors can take in the breath-taking views of three gorgeous waterfalls, bright, colored houses, and various areas to picnic after catching fish in the ocean or one of the many fishing lakes our town has to offer. My name was Sharica Steelwood, well my first name is the same but now that I’m married to the most wonderful man in the world (All wives are suppose to say that.) I’ve decided to take my husband, Viktor’s last name which is Valquist. Before I lose everyone completely, let me tell you how true love came to be.

As you know, I grew up in the beautiful country island town of Winchester which is just off the coast of Simland in the Simlish Channel where my parents, Zack and Monika Steelwood set out to build our homestead from scratch and live as the early pioneers did who first settled the land many centuries ago. Life was grand living in the one-room house, sleeping under the stars most nights and in the winter we built igloos to sleep in. Dad loved to paint while Mom earned a living fishing while attempting to become what they call an ark builder and own two of every little creature and pets by the time her life on earth was over while maintain the faithful heritage that Mom’s ancestors, the Steel family, handed down throughout the ages. Far too often though plans rarely turn out as we planned due to unforseen circumstances like the forces of Mother Nature when our little island was heavily damaged by a huge hurricane which also took the lives of my parents when it destroyed our little home in the process. My sister, Marika and I survived because we were in school at the time and thank goodness the town officials had our school built underground in case the island was hit by a massive storm.

Once we picked up the pieces, Marika decided to live one of her school friends and finish her education before decided her life’s direction. I, on the other hand decided to move to the mainland and continue my painting there and try to rebuild our little homestead, pioneer style as my parents had done. While online looking for a new place to live, I found a beautiful town with waterfalls, mountains, and a mixture of farmland and small town life by the name of Aurora Skies and just fell in love with the place and had to live there. Upon my arrival in the town, one of the local real estate agents helped me find a nice large lot upon which start rebuilding the Steelwood homestead. By that though, pioneer living just didn’t have the same appeal for me but didn’t have enough money for anything better.

After spending the summer and part of the fall on my large lot with a little house and my loving dog, Treble and cat, Suzie, I was getting lonesome for human companionship. Each day I would go out to paint, fish, or even find special rocks to sell to the science center to earn extra money. It wasn’t too long before I met Viktor Valquist and we quickly became friends. One day he invited me to a party at his house to meet some of his friends including his adoptive daughter, Linn and roommate, Jesper Sandstrom who would soon move in with his romantic interest. While attending his party, Viktor surprised me by asking me to move in with him and since I was getting tired of being alone (not to mention that I was falling head-over-heals in love with Viktor), I agreed. It wasn’t long before Viktor proposed to me and we moved to a new house with a larger lot for my pets after we had a local contractor add an upstairs with a nursery and two bedrooms.

Now please sit back and relax while I show you some pictures from my first year living in Aurora Falls.


Your friend,


Sharica Valquist (nee, Steelwood)


Summer of New Beginnings



Autumn Love



A Snowy Winter



That’s all the pictures for now.




PS: Since this is no longer a Pioneer Challenge, after this update it will change to my Genealogy Challenge and be called ‘A Faithful Family Tree’.

The Steelwoods: Faithful Pioneers, Generation One: Chapter Two

Hello Friends,

We hope that all of our friends in real life and around Simland are doing well and have had lots of fun since our first family newsletter went out almost a Sim year ago. My wonderful husband, Zack joins me (Monika) along with our lovely two daughters, Sharica and Marika send our best wishes to all of our friends. To those of you who are feeling under the weather we hope that you feel better real soon and remember that spring is only a month away in the real world and before you know it the birds will be chirping, the snow will melt (hopefully sooner not later), spring flowers will start blooming and the frogs will welcome spring with their beautiful nighttime choruses. Now that you’re all dreaming about spring, it’s time for me to share with you all of the family news and excitement during our second Sim year of living on the lovely island of Winchester working to build our homestead one generation at a time. Just let me drag out the family photo album and share our lives and memories with our pictures from the past year.
Summer Fun
This is me, Monika who is an angler by trade catching some fish to sell to the supermarket so that we can pay our bills. The fish tend to bite better at night so that’s when I usually go fishing.

This is our eldest daughter, Sharica who is just getting ready to start high school. Sharica has decided that she wants to be an animal rescuer someday and adopt at least six homeless pets.

Here I am greeting the newest addition our household and my bid to become an ark builder. This little cutie’s name is Elijah who is a purebred Norwegian Forest.

Elijah settled right in and here he is running around.

Fishing at one of the many local fishing holes.

Caught a perfect little minnow.

This is Storm the first bird I caught for my ‘ark’. He is a beautiful Catalina Macaw.

Sharica takes after her father and loves to paint in her spare time and since graduating from high school has joined the painter’s career. We’ll have more on that later.

Storm in his new home.

As you can see Zack and I are still very much in love and have since earned the ‘eternally faithful’ reputation in our community.

As an animal lover, I love taking the time to play with all of our pets. Zack is playing tug-of-war with Sassy in the background.

This was painted by my hubby, Zack.

Sassy loves playing with Zack.

Zack was hypnotized by one of the local paparazzi who also happened to be a vampire.

Sharica mounted Starla for the first time.

A starry summer night in Winchester.

Sharica wanted to learn logic and since she couldn’t afford to take a class she decided to use the one at a local camp.

Sharica getting some kitty love from Elijah.

When you don’t have a TV or computer, you find other ways to have fun like jumping in puddles.

Teaching Storm to say ‘Hello’

A Carefree Autumn
A pretty fall morning in Winchester.

A new family moved to town. Meet Desmond and Holly Darvis.

Zack is proudly holding our new daughter, Marika.

Marika in her crib.

Family funds were getting low so I caught some fish in the ocean behind our house then sold them to the supermarket.

With winter coming the birds start their flight south.

Fall view in front of our home.

Zack playing with his little girl.

Meet Graculus the latest addition to our happy home.

Sharica, Marika sleeping in the house with Elijah and Sassy.

Zack being sniffed by Elijah.

Storm playing with his toy.

Caught this luminous salamander.

Our little Marika is now a toddler with her daddy’s strawberry-blond hair and here she is playing with the special doll that Zack’s parents sent her.

Marika’s close-up picture.

Zack just completed this lovely picture of ducks flying over the water.

A tired out Marika.

On this fine fall morning I decided to go for a ride on Starla.

Rainbow after the rain.

Zack and I hosted a fall feast party for a few of our neighbors.

Zack teaching Marika to talk.

We managed to get enough money to buy a build-it-yourself box stall from the local hardware/farm supply store. Someday we hope that one of our descendents will build a barn around it.

Meet our new Cavalier King Spaniel/Poodle cross puppy, Brandon.

Sassy likes to howl along with the radio.

Brandon likes to wake us up not long after we’ve gone to bed.

This is Elijah as an adult cat.

Snowy Winter
Sassy is waiting to play with Brandon who is bounding through the snow that pretty much buries him.

Sharica won a free makeover from the local beauty parlor. She met Raymond Darvis giving a makeover to his mother, Holly. The little girl is Raymond’s little sister, Ariane.

Here is a picture of Raymond holding his little sister.

It was almost love at first sight between Raymond and Sharica and he even kissed her for the first time. (His mother kind of helped, too as she had cast the ‘love’ charm on him just before.

Sharica was so happy that she gave him flowers.

Sharica getting her makeover.

Imagine that a rainbow in the middle of a snowstorm.

Zack holding Marika at Sharica’s graduation.

Time flies when you’re having fun and before I knew I became a senior.

Sharica teaching her little sister to walk.

Winter scene.

Our humble abode.

One has to make a living even in the winter.

This is one of Sharica’s early paintings in her career.

This is Marika all ready for school.

We went as a family to the Winter festival on Snow Day. These werewolves seem to be cheating on the ice. It’s a wonder they don’t get dizzy as they kept going around and around on the ice all day.

Marika had fun snowboarding.

I’m helping Raymond learn how to skate. His family happened to be there, too.

Raymond’s sister Ariane has also started school.

My hubby, Zack built this Grim Reaper snowman.

Sharica helping Ariane Darvis skate. Someday she’ll be her sister-in-law.

Zack did this still-life painting.

Kind of cold for sailing but it looks like fun.

A while ago, one of the locals asked me to join their adventuring club by traveling to Egypt to disarm a trap. While I was their I helped some locals look into the shady deals of the MorcuCorp.

I also caught this Indian Roofed turtle to add our menagerie back home and named him Don.

Found this camp in the middle of nowhere.

Exploring makes a person hungry. Here I’m looking for a trap to disarm in one of the Pyramids.

Bingo, this trap was easy to disarm.

Made sure my turtle was happy before catching my flight home.

Don in his new home.

Another rainbow over the snow.

Family photo from Snow Day.

This paparazzi challenged me to a water balloon fun and as you know, I’m always up for crazy fun.

Spring’s Battle With Winter


The first day of spring started with snow that just did not want to stop until the temp reached 60 F

One of Sharica’s paintings.

Brandon’s birthday, his puppy days are over.

This is a beautiful stray cat that Zack and I adopted after she showed up in our yard. We named her Bobbin.

This ‘Lady in Red’ was painted by Zack and valued at 800 Simeoleons. Zack had been commissioned by a merchant in China for one of his paintings and since their was a seat sale on he decided to deliver this one and the merchant paid him 4X its worth (over 3200 Simoleons)

Elijah being groomed by Bobbin.

Zack’s trip to China to deliver his painting. He also helped a local retrieve an ancient relic. The loving husband that he is, Zack also caught a Yellow Python for me while he was away.

Zack wanted to become a seasoned traveler but unfortunately family funds did not allow it. Hopefully he’ll be able to return to China to earn his first Visa level at some point.

I was on an outing with a local at the beach and couldn’t resist swimming in the ocean. Please do not do this at home.

Splashing in puddles is fun and not only for kids.

Stark, the yellow python, in his new home.

While the paparazzi was taking a picture of me, our family photographer got his picture.

Our youngest daughter, Marika has grown into a lovely teenager.

Old Man Winter just did not want to give up. It snowed the night before Love Day.

An old-fashioned writing nook, painted by Zack.

Family pets Sassy and Elijah goofing around.

Sharica just finished this painting for her career.

I finally saved enough money to take a riding class at the local equestrian center.

The passing of our beloved dog, Sassy.

A little love helps ease the pain of the loss of a loved one.

This is Ariane Darvis as a teenager.

Sharica and Raymond (Darvis) had dinner together at the local cafe before heading home to bed.

Here is a parting shot of an alien dressed in civilian clothes who came down to earth for a visit.

Well I hope that you’ve all enjoyed our family newsletter and now that Zack and I are getting up in years we will be handing the family pen to Sharica as she continue building the family homestead in the next generation. Even though I haven’t accomplished my goal of becoming an Ark builder, I have come pretty close and happy with the animals who have joined our household over the years and have also had the joy of reaching level six in my fishing career. Zack has become a well-know painter in the area and if he’s spared long enough, he hopes to reach the top of his painting career but is happy that he has mastered the skill.

Until next time remember to always have fun no matter your status in life.


Monika and Zack Steelwood

The Realistic Genealogy Challenge : Generation Two



Chapter One: A New Place to Call Home

Prologue: This legacy challenge began with Bianca Lawson who met and married her husband, Gerard Giquel who was originally from France. They met while Bianca was in Egypt on assignment and fell in love at first sight. During their happy marriage, the happy couple were blessed with two daughters, Franca and Vianca. After graduation Franca married her high school sweetheart, Howard Radford who had been turned into a werewolf on his young adult birthday. Since Vianca never married and has since moved out on her own with her former imaginary friend, Vanna, the family pen has been past down to Franca to carry on the family’s genealogy challenge. So without further adieu let’s take a little trip to Positano, Italy and see how Howard and Franca spent their first year raising their little family.

An Italian Summer

This is the main floor of the Radford’s new home in Positano. Franca is meeting one of her neighbors who came to welcome them.

The upstairs with a family room, three bedrooms and a bathroom. The bedroom next to the bathroom has since been decorated in greens for their daughter, Francesca.

The exterior done in Franca’s favorite color, red.

Howard is teaching his little werewolf son, Richard to walk.

Franca is an author and here she is working on one of her books. Both Howard and Franca want to become famous authors.

Little Richard showing his werewolf tendancies at a young age. He seemed to have something against the planters as Franca ended up replacing one of them.

Richard did take some time out to play with the xylophone, though.

Howard giving the family’s Chihuahua, Chico a bath.

Richard was quite a destructive little toddler.

His father tried to get him to stop but little Richard ignored him and kept on scratching.

Howard decided to carry Richard for awhile.

Chico guarding his food.

Little Richard playing with the special doll his grandmother gave him when he was born.

Howard eating werewolf style. ( Might make a good birthday party game but you would need lots of napkins)

Richard in his high chair.

Some town summer views.

Howard working on one of his novels. He also works part-time at the grocery store.

The first zombie to show up on their patio.

A nice father and son photo.

Chico playing with his rubber bone.

Richard is all ready to start school.

Space cadet, Richard.

Howard and Franca finding some time for romance. They now have the ‘eternally faithful’ reputation.

Richard talking with his imaginary friend.

Tired out Prince Richard.

This is Smokey who showed up one day and since Franca is a cat person, she decided to adopt him.

Smokey relaxing on the newspaper.

Franca playing fetch with Chico.

Autunno (autumn) in Italy

Howard and Franca welcomed their little girl into the world and named her Francesca.

Francesca being held by Franca.

One way to relax and stay warm on a cool fall night, as long as a person stays in the hot tub, anyways.

Looks like Smokey is dreaming about catching butterflies.

Richard’s first transformation into his werewolf form.

Franca complimented Richard’s fur.

Guess Richard got his plant destroying tendancies from his father.

Werewolves just can’t control themselves no matter where they are. This is above the grocery store where Howard works.

Richard holding his daughter who is not a werewolf.

Richard took a trip to China to deliver one of his books to a local merchant. While he was there, Richard helped this local retrieve an ancient relic from the Halls of the Lost Army.

Richard had to jump on the floor switch a couple of times to get it to work.

Howard delivered his book to Sima and learned a local song from her.

Back home, Franca is giving some candy to a trick or treater.

Here are some pictures of the town on a frosty fall morning.

Franca is now a mature adult and here she is with her new clothes.

Little Francesca playing in her toy box.


Richard teaching his little sister to walk.

Winter Holidays

It snowed the whole winter season and Richard got to enjoy a whole week of Snow Days. Well it did stop snowing one afternoon but that was after school had already been cancelled. Here are some snowy views.

Howard and Richard practicing their fighting skills. Franca wasn’t impressed that they did it in front of little Francesca.

Franca working on a biography for one of the locals.

A snowy view of the house.

Richard scratching up some of the school property. This is an interactive building above the school which is underground.

Francesca watching TV while her dad works on his book.

Francesca playing with her dollhouse.

Richard got some new clothes. This is his prom outfit.

Richard having fun with Smokey.

Howard eating werewolf style again.

Franca and Richard watching TV.

Franca teaching Francesca to talk. I think she’s a little young for business words.

Say ‘Treadmill’

Guess Howard didn’t like this dress. He was out on a date (outing) while in wolf form.

Zombie attack!

This skeleton is more to Howard’s liking.

Snowstorm in Positano

A funny way to eat a hotdog.

Francesca playing with her brother’s doll. She didn’t get one when she was born.

Franca hosted a gift-giving party. There wasn’t enough room for the gift pile, though but everyone had a great time.

The family went to the Winter festival the next day.

Here is a photo of Richard and Francesca taken at the Winter Festival.

Howard as a mature adult. He has a longer lifespan than Franca as a werewolf.

Francesca is all ready for school. She aged up with the ‘mean-spirited trait’. Her LTW is to rescue six strays.

Mr Grim came for Smokey after he had taken Chico the week before.

Richard is on a date with his former classmate. Since Richard’s graduation, things have gotten a little more serious between them but they are not going steady, yet.

This is a Chow/Pomeranian mix that Franca found sleeping in the snow so she decided to adopt and name him Pompei.

Pompei guarding his food.

Introducing baby Edward, Howard and Franca’s third child.

Howard holding little Edward.

Dawning of Spring

Howard went on an outing with a local and after chatting for awhile he started exploring space and started learning the logic skill.

Francesca dressing up as a dinosaur. (Kind of looks like one of the dragons on Dragon Tails without the wings)

Richard feeding his little brother.

Even ghost dogs get hungry like Chico, here.

Howard feeding little Edward.

Franca on a date with a friend. Since Franca and Howard are eternally faithful, their dates are just an outing with a friend.

Pompei waking up Francesca.

Franca working on her last book for this update. It’s a mystery called, “To Mock a Killing Bird” (second cousin to “To Kill a Mockingbird”, perhaps) This novel earned her the most in royalties at over 1000 Simoleons/week.

Here is Edward as a toddler. He was born human.

Franca reading a bedtime story to Francesca.

Edward in his crib.

Howard giving a bath to Pompei. Howard also has a lot more werewolf fur as a mature adult.

Howard rummaging in the garbage can as a werewolf.

Francesca being scolded by her mother for trying to skip school that day. (One of the teachers caught her and sent her back)

Franca teaching Edward to talk.

Francesca and Richard decided to go to the Spring Festival. Richard invited his best friend along. Here Francesca is finding some eggs.

Francesca playing horseshoes.

Howard enjoying a cappuchino at a local party.

Richard as a young adult. He decided that he wants to be leader of the pack but hasn’t chosen his career, yet.

Francesca is now a teenager. She didn’t do so well in school so she aged up with the ‘Equestrian’ trait.

Young Edward mastered playing the xylophone.

This is ghost Smokey Cat.

Howard having a good time at a local party.

Richard’s date giving him a belly rub.

Meet Dexter, a cat that Francesca adopted from the shelter.

Ghost Chico sleeping on Richard’s bed.

This is a family photo taken at the Town Hall after Richard’s graduation.

Here is a parting shot of sailboats on the water.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these photos of the Radford family in their first year of living in Positano, Italy.

Have a great day!


Bonus Pictures for Surgeons of Hope: Generation 10, update.

Here are some bonus town shots from the latest update.


The lighthouse.

Fall colors in Monte Vista.

Autumn scenery at night.

A frosty morning and night

A snowy morning in Monte Vista.

Winter in Twinbrook

Aerial view of snowy Twinbrook.

A wintery night under the stars.

The Raven horse, unicorn. He didn’t stay still long enough to get a good picture.

View of Twinbrook through our bathroom window.

She found a nice bottle of nectar in this dive well.

Relaxing by the pool.

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