The Steel Family Legacy of Faithfulness: Generation Seven

Chapter One:  Wedding Bells Are Ringing

Wow, it’s hard to believe that six generations have come and gone in our family’s legacy of faithfulness and the time has come for me, Rachael Steel,  to bring you all the news of generation seven along with my wonderful husband Wayne MacDougall.   Usually when a couple get married the wife takes on her husband’s last name but Wayne wanted to do the opposite and take on the Steel family name as he said that it was an honor for him to become apart of a family that is so revered around our little world.    My husband and I  will strive to maintain the faithful foundation which our founding ancestors, Christopher and Jan Steel sought to and have successfully handed down to not only the heirs of each generation but also to each member of the Steel clan.  With each passing generation other important elements have also been woven into our history like a love for music and the arts and many of our family descendants, including myself,  have and are following in the footsteps of our ancestor, Keiler Steel who was the first World Renown Surgeon in the Steel family legacy.

Joining us in this generation will be my sister Dinah and her husband Reuben while they get established in their careers and start their own family.  Dinah has joined the sculptor’s career and is already doing quite well and is starting to have requests for her artwork from our neighbors and around the world.   She is a very gifted in the world of the arts and loves to paint, play any musical instrument, and is also very athletic and loves to stay in shape much like our mother, Leah.   Her husband Reuben loves to cook and has joined the culinary career.  Since Dinah works at home, she will also be the family’s babysitter while Wayne and I strive to become world renown surgeons.

Now for the events leading up to the double wedding in our family,  a few days before my young adult days were drawing to a close, Wayne and I became engage to be married along with Reuben and Dinah who became engaged the next day.   Wayne had a bachelor party for both of grooms-to-be although he was the one who got sprayed by the nectar after Dad proposed the toast for both of them.  Reuben had to work before the party so he was a little late getting there.  Everyone who attended the party had a great time and left excited for the double wedding which was planned for the next evening.

Our wedding day almost turned into a day of sorrow when the Grim Reaper came for my mother, Leah but our family cat, Egon became the hero of the day when he somehow got the best of Mr Grim and he resurrected Leah from the dead and let her live awhile longer.  Wayne and I along with Reuben and Dinah were married at the new wedding park.  In all the excitement of the day, I forgot to pick up my wedding dress at the dry cleaners so I ended up wearing my regular formal outfit.  Dinah is much more organized than I am and had purchased a white party dress with a blue belt  for her anticipated wedding day.   All in all, the wedding was beautiful and later that night after we all got home from the wedding,  Jacob and Leah reaffirmed their love for each other and have now earned the ‘eternally faithful’ status by their fellow friends and neighbors in Barnacle Bay.

The day following the wedding,  us newlyweds and my brother Judah moved to Twinbrook as Wayne and I were offered positions at the General Hospital there by Molly Coddle who is on the board of directors.  The job offer was too good to pass up as they not only paid for our moving expense but also reimbursed us the cost of the house we had renovated for our new home.   Dad and Mom decided to live out the rest of their days in Barnacle Bay along with our hero cat, Egon and have retired from their jobs to be able to devote as much time as they can to each other as Leah knows that her reprieve at life won’t last forever and Dad could be taken from her anytime.

Well that’s the main news for now and Wayne and I would like to welcome you to our new home in Twinbrook.  Leah also sends her best wishes to those who have been following the Steel family legacy and reminds everyone to always love and take care of their pets as you never know when your little loyal furry friends may end up saving your life.

Chapter Two:  Around the World

Now that we are settled in Twinbrook, our bosses and other locals are now starting to send some of our family members on trips to Egypt and China to either bring back items that are not found in our town or to complete activities designed to improve our skills.   I haven’t been sent abroad, yet but my husband Wayne has been sent to Egypt twice, once to test his running skills in the desert and the second time to collect some scarab beetles for the science lab at the hospital.  Reuben’s boss at the diner sent him to China to purchase the recipe for stir-fry and once he has learned how to make it, he has to bring some into work.

Wayne took his first trip shortly after our son, Joseph became a toddler.   In addition to running on the desert sands for the four hours that his boss, Shamus Drudge challenged him to, Wayne also helped some locals in gathering proof that some of their locals who were in authority positions in MorcuCorp were exploiting the citizens for their own gain and not for the better of the people.   Layla Lufti was his first contact and he retrieved some papers for her from the Tomb of Discovery and then collected some gems, interviewed locals, harvested flame fruit, and retrieved an ancient book from a secret library located in the basement of Malboudhi home.

After about a week at home, Shamus Drudge asked Wayne to return to Egypt to get four scarab beetle so the local employee that my husband is, he left after work that day to return to Egypt and had no trouble catching the little bugs and then continued his work in helping the good folk of MorcuCorp uncover their bad apples.  Wayne first exchanged some copper with Fahad Malboudhi for the first ancient relic requested by Nabila Moussa but was only able to find one of two pieces of mummitonium that he would need to complete his next mission as there seems to be a shortage of that mineral in the country at this time.  Wayne plans to see if he can find some on SimBay which is an online shopping site where other Sims post things that they want to sell.  It’s a great place find stuff and I was even found the special axe that travelers need to smash the big boulders in their adventures and purchased it for my husband’s birthday.   Wayne said he had a lot of fun boulder smashing but was surprised that most of the boulders only hid cheap relics but he did get a few good treasures.

In between Wayne’s two trips,  my sister, Dinah and her husband Reuben welcomed their first child into the world, a son, whom they named Issachar and he is now the cutest toddler with his mother’s blue hair.   Reuben and Dinah plan to move to a new town called Lunar Lakes once the airline service opens up between Twinbrook and there as Reuben was offered a position in one of the towns restaurants and Dinah is already getting some orders for her sculptures from the locals.   They plan to start their own family legacy that will strive to show the value of imagination while maintaining the faithfulness of the Steel family.  Dinah and Reuben along with their son, Issachar plan to start their lives afresh and have their family name changed to Steelwood to make their legacy their own.

A few days after Issachar’s birth, Reuben was asked by his boss to travel to China to purchase the stir-fry recipe as their customers have been asking for it.  He booked a flight the next evening to Shang Simla and arrived in the country early the next morning.  Shortly after arriving at the Traveler’s Lodge he was contacted by one of the locals asking if he would be willing to retrieve a special relic for him from the Halls of the Lost Army.  Always up for adventure, Reuben agreed and went and found the relic and in addition to being paid for the mission, he also learned how to sing one of their native songs.  After visiting the market later that day and purchasing both the stir-fry and egg roll recipes and some martial arts equipment for Wayne, Reuben explored the caverns under the markets as he was wide awake that night from using the family’s motive mobile.  He had the special axe with him and was a little disappointed to only find a bag of coins, some ancient coins under two of the big boulders he smashed.  The third boulder yielded a nice luminous gem, though.    One the last day of his trip he helped the local special merchant, Wu Xio with her research of the Dragon’s Maw which apparently has a deep mystery buried inside.

Back on the home front, Wayne and I have been keeping busy with our work at the hospital.  Wayne has recently been promoted to trauma surgeon and I’m currently an intern.  We both have our share of vaccination clinics and can’t wait until we start holding the free health clinics because that’s what being a doctor is all about curing our patients no matter their financial status.  Both Dinah and I are also known as the town’s top artists and I was commission by the local business office to supply them with ten paintings to brighten up the work environment for their employees.  To fulfill their order, I took down most of the paintings that my sister and I had painted that were around the house and between the two of us painted three more to complete the order and our client was more than happy with the paintings and said that productivity has doubled among their employees.   Dinah is also a gifted sculptor like our ancestor Alicia Steel had is now half-way to the top of her sculpting career and has now decided that she wants to master the painting, sculpting and inventing skills to become a descendant of DaVinci as her lifetime wish.  I’m happy to say that I’ve mastered my painting skills and with Wayne’s first trip to Egypt he was able to become a master athlete like my mother, Leah.

Well that’s the main news for now and I have to go read a bedtime story to Joseph who just celebrated his birthday and will be starting school at the beginning of the week.

Chapter Three:  Ancient Meets Modern

Lots of fun things have been happening in the Steel household that we would like to share with our readers.  Wayne and I have an old but new member of our family that we would like to introduce to and dedicate this update to.   First though, here is some news from the rest of the family.  Just as our son, Joseph started high school Wayne and I welcomed our second son into the world whom we named Benjamin and he has since aged up into the cutest dark-haired toddler and seems to be taking after his father who was heavyset as a child as we have noticed that keeps putting on weight when changing his diaper.

Shortly after Benjamin started learning how to walk and talk,  Wayne and I also adopted a baby girl whose name is Sarah and was orphaned as a newborn when her mother passed away after suffering severe postpartum complications.  My loving husband, Wayne has decided to take a few days maternity leave to take care of our little girl so that I can keep working towards becoming a world-renown surgeon as he only has two promotions to go before reaching his goal and since I was busy being a mother at home, I am not quite as far along in my career as I would like to be at this stage of my life as my senior years have creeped up on me but now that I’m back to work full-time, it won’t take long for me to reach my goal.

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for,  Wayne and I would like to introduce you to our special household member,  Mattanisi Kinglor who is a mummy that my husband summoned after putting together one of our sarcophaguses and using the five canopic jars he found on his last trip to Egypt.  After reading the instructions of how to summon a mummy on the jars, Wayne thought it would be fun to try it out and even though I was leery of the idea at first Mattanisi (Matt for short) has won his way into our hearts and shown us that not all mummies are mean like the ones that explorers come across in the tombs of Egypt.   Matt’s only fault when he arrived was that he didn’t like children at first but quickly warmed up to our son, Joseph and found out that kids are not so bad after all especially if they grow up in a loving home like ours.  He even read a bedtime story to Joseph the first night he joined our household.

Matt has many talents including being handy at repairing things and loves to play any musical instruments as he natural musically inclined.  He must have been a musician in his previous life as he plays the guitar, bass, drums, and piano very well and even entertained the family on his second night with us.  Matt has also joined the music career at the theatre and has become quite a hit in the community.  After hearing about our newest household member the children’s ward director at the hospital asked him to come entertain the children and they were all excited to see a real, live mummy come to visit them.  Matt was even a better hit than any clown that had previously come to entertain the sick kids.

Our new friend is also great to have around the house as  mummies never sleep or use the bathroom and this one has a perfectionist personality, Matt likes to go around and make the beds, clean the bathroom and dishes and repair things that break from time to time like the dishwasher and leaky faucets.  The only thing is when, our mummy takes a shower or slides on our water slide it takes him two hours to dry off and ends up dripping water all over the house and Joseph’s imaginary friend usually goes around mopping up the puddles that Matt leaves in his wake.   Our children love Matt and have dubbed him as their honorary uncle and he has even taught our son, Benjamin his walking and talking skills.  Since he is up 24 hours a day, Matt usually takes care of our little ones needs at night so that Joseph, Wayne and I can get our sleep.

Shortly after starting his music career, Matt’s boss Betty Wills who also heads the local explorer team asked him to join their group after disarming a trap in Egypt.  He was excited for this opportunity to travel back to his home land to see how it had developed in the centuries following his mummification.  Wayne gave him his special boulder breaking ax and piece of mummitonium along with some dried food to take with him.  Matt’s first adventure was to find the second piece of mummitonium for Wayne’s MorcuCorp contact Inji Ameen to use for a bribe into their research into the shady side of the organization.  Unfortunately it wasn’t until the second day of his trip that Matt was able to find some so on his first day he decided to check out one of the pyramids and chose to start exploring the Great Pyramid.

After delivering the mummitonium to Inji Ameen she got him to infiltrate the main computer of the criminal headquarters in MorcuCorp which was located under the home of Samir Amin who had built his house above its location.  After befriending Samir, Matt started to explore the secret basement after finding the entrance in a shed next to Samir’s home and while the household was asleep he managed to complete the hack job and then head to the Pyramid of the Sky to retrieve the second ancient relic.  One of the disadvantages to being a mummy is that it takes a long time for Matt to go anywhere as it is hard moving in those mummy clothes and he is unable to change his outfit.   Wayne found a special transportation device that works kind of like the ones that are used on the space themed TV show, Sim Star Trek that can beam Matt to anywhere he needs to be in seconds which he used to transport himself to his next adventure from the MorcuCorp’s criminal headquarters.  Since Wayne had previously explored the Pyramid of the Sky, it was easy for Matt to enter the room where the relic was supposed to be but unfortunately someone had gotten to it first and moved it to some other location and by then Matt’s travel time up so that mission will have to wait until next time to complete.

In short, Matt has become a very special member of our household and although we don’t know how long he’ll be here for, our family will enjoy every minute we have with him.  Even our two cats have chosen him as their best friend forever.  Matt has been very well received by the community and the locals have even taken to dropping by just to meet him as they have never had a mummy in their community before.  Most of our neighbors and friends get really excited when they see him but there are a few that are still afraid of Matt because he is a mummy and end up fainting in his presence.   I wouldn’t recommend that these people travel to Egypt as that’s where the mean mummies are and they would probably do lot more than just faint if they saw one of them.

Chapter Four:  Bridging the Gap

Grunt, this is Mattanisi Kinglor but you can call me Matt and due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control I am  filling in for Wayne and Rachael and guardian to the children until Joseph is ready to take over the family legacy in generation eight.  I know you’re probably saying to yourselves, ‘Oh no, not another tragedy in the Steel family!  What happened?” They say one should get through the bad news first in an update so that we leave you with hope with the good news at the end.

A couple of weeks ago life was going great in Twinbrook with the Steel family.  Joseph had started high school and his younger brother, Benjamin entered elementary school and was busy making new friends while Wayne, Rachael, and I were working hard at our careers and never dreamed that life was about to throw a huge curveball in our pathway way.   During this time the family also hosted an up and coming magician from Appaloosa Plains by the name Joshua who uses the stage name, Dark Magician.  He put on a wonderful show at the outdoor theater park in our town.  We only wish that he could have stayed around a little longer so that the Steel family could meet him but we understand that a performer’s life is very busy and consists going from one show to another and being with his family every chance he gets, so we all just want to wish Joshua all the best as he reaches for the top of the magician career.

The next day, Joseph was asked by his history teacher to travel to France and interview one of their locals to gain a fresh perspective on the French culture and history.   He left that evening after completing his homework and helped one of the locals, Jeannine Lambert by retrieving her lost baseball from the Ancient Burial grounds behind the Nectary.  Little did Joseph know that when he left for France that would be the last time he saw his parents alive before tragedy struck Twinbrook resulting in him cutting his trip short as soon as he finished his mission and interviewed the local food merchant.

Late the following afternoon while Wayne and Rachael were at work, the tornado warning siren went off and while I was able to get Benjamin and Sarah safely inside the two sarcophaguses in our backyard.  After the storm hit, I ventured out of our hiding place and found that the house was heavily damaged and then after getting Benjamin to stay with his little sister inside the sarcophagus in case further damage occurred to the house, I headed up to the hospital and found that it had borne the brunt of the storm and started helping the locals dig through the rumble to get to Wayne and Rachael who were trapped underneath.   Shamus Drudge saw me and came over and said that they had done a marvelous job in getting all their patients moved by ambulances or helicopters to other hospitals in the neighboring towns of Riverview and Sunset Valley but just after the last ambulance had left and they were doing a final sweep of the hospital to make sure that everyone was out, the storm hit the hospital and they ending up getting trapped when the floor above them collapsed.

We mummies are a lot stronger than people think we are, so I pitched right in removing beams, wood and other debris in an effort to get to Wayne and Rachael.  Since Wayne had summoned me they had become special people in my life as they accepted me as one of the family and helped others to see that not all mummies are monsters like the movies portray them to be.  It just depends on what kind of people they were before mummification, if they were power seeking tyrant leaders or criminals before then they were likely to be mean if disturbed but most of us mummies are really harmless as we once good people just like the majority of today and it’s usually the mean ones that are found in the Egyptian pyramids as they were formerly guards of the Pharaoh’s treasures.

Getting back to my story,  I could hear Rachael moaning under the weight of the rubble but there was no sound coming from where Wayne was supposed to be and we feared the worst that he was already gone.   We finally got through to Rachael and found that her lower torso was crushed under a huge steel beam and I could tell that she was just about spent, so I held her hand while the rescue workers were getting ready to move the beam.  While holding her hand, she looked at me and said that she wanted me to be the guardian of their children until Joseph was old enough and ready to take over the family legacy.  Rachael was thankful that  the sarcophaguses kept Benjamin and Sarah safe and that Joseph was in France at the time.  Sadly, the rescue workers could not remove the heavy beam in time and Rachael held my hand until she took her last breath.   They later found Wayne’s body crushed under a couple of support beams.  The mayor of the town awarded them with hero medals for their selfless acts of bravery shown as they put the safety of their patients before their own.   I am honored to be chosen as guardian of their children as they had become like grandchildren to me in the short time I’ve been with the family.

Shortly after Joseph returned home,  many of Wayne and Rachael’s family members were able to come in and help with the funeral arrangements and the proprietors of the outdoor Live Venue offered their park and stage for the funeral services and nearly the whole town and even those from other towns whose lives the Steel family had touched were in attendance.  Rachael’s uncle Levi and Wayne’s brother Corey both gave eulogies at the service and the guests also listened to a prerecorded message of condolences and encouragement from Rachael’s younger sister and brother,  Dinah and Judah.   There was not a dry eye that day and although Joseph and Benjamin are mourning deeply for their parents and little Sarah is really too young to understand, they are grateful for the support that they’ve received from their family and friends.

A couple of days after the funeral, Joseph and I packed up the family’s motive mobile that was left to him as we decided to move to Riverview where the school children in Twinbrook were being bused to school after the Twinbrook Educational Center had also suffered severe damaged in the tornado.   The real estate agent in Riverview was able to get us a great deal on beautiful country home on a large lot and after getting settled I contacted my boss, Betty Wills back in Twinbrook and she was able to get my career transferred to the music center in Riverview and had my employment record faxed to my new employer Mr Ivanov who was thrilled to have me join his band of musicians.

Joseph was able to travel back to France to finish his trip as his new teacher wanted him to interview a local.  He had lots of fun meeting new people and practicing his charisma skills.  I am proud to say that Joseph has since graduated from high school and has decided to become an angler as he loves to fish and wants to devote his spare time to taking care of his siblings and practicing his music skills.   Benjamin has started high school and looks forward to the day when he can focus on his singing career.   Little Sarah is now in school as well and wants to be famous singer when she grows up as that is newest rage around Simworld nowadays.

Well now that the family is slowly getting their feet back underneath them after losing their parents, it’s time for me to sign off and hand the family pen over to Joseph to continue in generation eight of the Steel family legacy of faithfulness.  I must say that it’s been a joy to live with this family and witness what true family is all about.  They have cause me to go from being a person to didn’t like children to one who cannot live without them and cherish them as if they were my grandchildren.  In a world of broken homes it’s nice to see those who embrace the value of family with love and respect.

Take care and have a wonderful day from your mummy friend,

Mattanisi Kinglor (aka Matt)


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  1. Congratulations on your double wedding! Can’t wait to see the pictures on WikiChick’s Thread! God bless your day!

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