The Estiban Family Musicians: Generation Four

Chapter One: Transitions

Hi, my name is Kelly Estiban and I’m here to bring you all the exciting news and adventures of the Estiban musicians in generation four of my family’s legacy along with my wonderful, eternally faithful, husband Dedric and son Eric. Joining us at first while they complete their schooling are my two younger brothers Dale and Daniel. After completing my lifetime wish of becoming a zoologist by making twenty critters who were born in the wild Dedric and I moved to Hidden Springs so that my brothers could enroll in the special art program at the local school. Our parents, Lyle and Kailey decided to stay in Appaloosa Plains while Mom finishes her dream of becoming a rock star and Dad tends to his garden while feeding my little critters that I had to leave behind. My other brother, Leon stayed behind as well since he is planning to move in with his male partner, Hugo.

Now for some news on the events leading up to our move. Shortly after my youngest brother, Daniel became a toddler my mother was asked by her boss to travel to Egypt to discuss the history of Egyptian music with the locals and it’s impact on their lives today. While in Egypt, Kailey’s first ever adventure was one of the most dangerous where she was asked to disarm the traps that were located in the basement of the Rashid household. Mom is a trooper though and was able to complete the job and only had one mishap with one of the traps that shot out little arrows that made her pass out but she recovered and was able to complete the job. Kailey’s next adventure was to find two pieces of mummitonium for those who were trying to take down the bad apples in the MorcuCorp government. If Mom had known that she was going to be asked to do this job , she would have brought the piece that my grandmother Danielle had collected on her last trip. Unfortunately, there is still a shortage of that mineral in Egypt and Kailey was only able to find one, so she spent the rest of her trip after interviewing the locals, exploring the Great Pyramid as she wanted to visit a pyramid before returning home.

Shortly after Mom returned from her trip, after a little romance with Dedric, I became pregnant with our first child and before we knew it, we welcomed our first child into the world, a son whom we named Eric and he has since aged up into the cutest little toddler with black hair like his father. Lyle and Kailey are thrilled to have a grandson to spoil and happy that they had a few days to shower him with lots of love before Dedric and I moved to Hidden Springs.

My brother, Leon graduated from high school a couple of days before Eric’s birth with high honors and was valedictorian of his grad class. Later that day Hugo Gutierrez with whom he became romantically involved at his prom to the point that they became partners as Leon had gone as Hugo’s date, called Leon and asked that they move in together once they found a place to live. Since Dad and Mom decided to stay in the family home, Leon decided to purchase the house that they had built across the street for him and Hugo to live in.
Leon’s graduation day turned out to be extra special for me as that is when I caught my twentieth little creature, a cute little lizard, and reached my dream of becoming a zoologist. My list of critters included three birds, two rodents with five of each turtles, snakes, and lizards. The only sad part of our move is that I had to leave my little friends behind but I hope to catch some more to have in our new home in Hidden Springs.

Dedric and I getting settled into our lovely new home on the hillside in Hidden Springs that has a nice yard for a garden and to house some little critters. We also plan to adopt a cat as we miss our family cat, Pepper who stayed with Dad and Mom back in Appaloosa Plains. Since I had completed my lifetime goal, I decided to focus on my career and decided to become a firefighter to help those in need around me and since I’m a people-person I’m already making friends with my co-workers. Dedric had no problem transferring his music career to Hidden Springs as the Estiban Musicians have become quite famous around the world. Both Dedric and I love to unwind from a busy day by playing our musical instruments while my brothers are doing their homework or working on their art projects.

Well that’s pretty well rounds out the news for the start of generation four of the Estiban Family Musicians and Dedric and I would like to welcome you to our new home in Hidden Springs where we plan to raise our children. To all of our friends, whenever life has you stressed or down just listen to your favorite music and relax and you’ll feel better in no time.

Chapter Two:  Life is Not Always a Bed of Roses

A few days after getting settled into Hidden Springs, Dedric and I got a call from the Quebec Sim City’s Winterlude events coordinator asking us to come perform at their winter carnival’s opening ceremonies and since this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity we decided to accept this international gig and took a few days off work and traveled to the event in our comfy motive mobile with our son, Eric.  Unfortunately my brothers Dale and Daniel couldn’t get away from their studies as their winter break had not yet arrived in the school semester.   While at the winter carnival we had lots of fun performing our music, entering the ice sculpting contest, and having our pictures taken with the event’s mascot the Sim Bon Homme de Neige.

All of our joy and excitement came to an abrupt end upon our return, though, as while we were away my brother, Dale had suffered a fatal accident at home when the stove blew up in his face when he was cooking dinner the night before.  Fortunately Daniel was still at school doing his homework when the fire occurred but there was extensive house damage by the time the fire department put out the flames and sadly, Dale was killed instantly and they said he was burned beyond recognition.  Even though, insurance covered the cost of rebuilding our house, Dedric and I decided to sell and build a smaller home on the outskirts of town as it was too difficult for me to live in the same house where my brother was killed.

Once settled into our new home, while Dedric continued his music career and Daniel finished high school, I decided to change professions and became a ghost hunter instead of a fire fighter as I wanted to try other careers to find out which profession I enjoyed the most.  So far, I love being a ghost hunter because I love catching and befriending any living creatures including ghosts although I end up turning the ghosts over to the science facility in town for research.   Dedric is quickly getting to the point in his career where he will need to choose whether he wants to become a rock star or hit movie composer and I’m sure that he’ll excel with whatever he chooses.  Daniel has since graduated from high school with honors and has surprised everyone by joining the music career instead of becoming a sports star.

Our son, Eric is now in elementary school and is doing quite well and is showing a love for music and painting but hasn’t decided which career he wants to pursue but Dedric and I are sure he’ll meet and exceed his lifetime goals before his life is over.  The day before Daniel’s graduation, we welcomed our second son, Alec into the world and he has since aged into the cutest little toddler with black hair like his father and is all ready to learn his important lifetime skills.   Our family has also adopted a cute, little grey kitten named Fluffy and she is about to celebrate her birthday as well.

Well that’s the main news for now and I’m slowly starting to collect my little critters again and have caught a lizard, a pointy-nosed shrew, and a spotted turtle.  Even Dedric is starting to get attached to them as I caught him the other day playing with my pet shrew.

Chapter Three:  Family Matters

Life has settled pretty much into a nice but busy routine in our household with everyone working hard in their careers and in school.   I love being a ghost hunter as it reminds me of my favorite childhood TV show, the Real Ghostbusters and I get to take care of ghosts and manner of scary supernatural things like the characters of the show did.  Everyone is a kid at heart, so sometimes I even pretend that Slimer is there cheering me on each time I catch a ghost or spirit.   The town of Hidden Springs is very grateful for my work and have promoted me to level five of the ghost hunter career and they have a trophy waiting for me at the Town Hall when I get a chance to pick it up.  Our son, Eric will be graduating in a couple of days so I’ll probably get my reward then.

My wonderful husband, Dedrick is doing well in his music career and has joined the music center’s rock division and is now a backup vocalists for the various artists that perform at the theater.  Work has been very busy for him lately which has cut into his own concert schedule as he is supposed to perform to further his own career but there have been too many other performances that he has been back-up vocalist for.   Dedrick is well-liked by his co-workers and just the other day, they threw a surprise office party for him in appreciation of all the hard work he puts into his job.   My brother, Daniel is also in the music industry and has just joined the symphonic division and hopes become a hit movie composer someday.

Daniel has since moved out on his own as he found the cutest little cottage just around the corner from us and since our family is growing by leaps and bounds, he thought the time was right to  get his own place.  Dedrick and I helped Daniel get settled into his new home a few days ago and he took the two cats he had adopted,  Fluffy and Tigger with him.  We also gave him Dedrick’s old car to make getting around town easier for him as we mainly use the motive mobile ourselves.  Before moving out, Daniel took a trip to Egypt as his boss wanted him to interview some of the locals there about the history of Egyptian music.  He had a lot fun and helped the Barakat family in their research of some of the shady dealings of their local MorcuCorp business by retrieving some special documents from the Tomb of Discovery and some flame fruit from the Pyramid of the Burning Sands that was needed to prepare some kind of bribe.

Our eldest son, Eric is doing extremely well in high school and has been on the honor roll for the pass few days.  He had lots of fun at his prom and was named King of his special night and to top it off he became romantically involved with Carlotta Shue who seems like a really nice girl underneath her tough mean-spirited exterior.  She comes from a large family with a couple of older brothers, so I think the ‘mean’ trait is just Carlotta’s way of saying, ‘Don’t mess with me’.  We’ll have to see where Eric and Carlotta’s relationship leads but in the short I’ve met her at Eric’s birthday party, I like her and hope that with my son’s kind heart he can help her outgrow her mean-spirited ways.   Eric has since finished high school and will be graduating, tomorrow, with honors and while he has yet to choose his career Dedrick and I am sure he’ll do well in whatever he chooses.  We won’t be surprised if he joins the music career as Eric has developed quite a talent for music as he loves to play the piano and bass guitar  in his spare time.

In other family news,  our second eldest son, Alec recently started high school and is already bring home top marks just as he had in elementary school.  Alec takes after his grandfather, Lyle, in his athletic abilities as he works out every chance he gets.  He has also decided to follow in his great-mother, Danielle’s footsteps and become a world renown surgeon someday.  Shortly after Alec started elementary school, I gave birth to our third son, Yuric who has breezed through his toddler years and is now ready to start school at the beginning of the week.  Yuric actually celebrated his birthday a day early as we welcomed a baby girl into the family whom we named Holly.  Dedrick wants to have a total of five children so we plan to adopt our fifth child when the time comes as we will soon be reaching our senior years.   We plan to wait until the children are grown up before deciding which of our children will best fit the family musician legacy and lead the fifth generation.

Chapter Four:  New Horizons, New Opportunities

The day after we brought Holly home from the hospital, our eldest son and heir to the next generation, Eric graduated from high school at the top of his class and was named class valedictorian and also received an award for being the most popular student in school by his fellow grads.   Eric was so excited to be finished school, that he asked Carlotta out on a date as she had graduated a few days before him and they hadn’t had a chance to see each other much since the prom.  They decided to meet at Mick’s Karaoke near her house but they never actually stepped inside as Carlotta and Eric were too busy falling in love with each other.  Carlotta was so excited when Eric proposed to her, that she kept leaping into his arms for joy so they decided to go up the little cabin up the road a little ways where they had a private wedding and spent the night at the cabin as for our one-night honeymoon. Well, after they spent most of the night loving each other, Eric fell asleep in the bed but since Carlotta has somehow been blessed with never-ending energy, she stayed up all night and ordered new clothes from Smacy’s online store where they guaranteed next morning shipment.

Carlotta must have had a tough childhood as she grew up with an evil trait that she wanted use for evil in the criminal world but after falling in love with Eric she decided that she wanted to live a crime-free life and her evil ways were replaced by the desire to become an angler and eventually have her own private aquarium.   Our daughter-in-law has come along way since her wedding and even her mean demeanor has softened to being hot-headed at times but we all can be that way at times when something frustrates us.  For the record though, Carlotta is a very sweet girl and Dedrick and I love our daughter-in-law as if she were our own.  I believe that a lot of her attitude issues were due to the fact that her adopted mother, Granny Shue, passed away while she was young and was raised by her brothers, Gary and Dany but usually left to herself as her siblings including her sister, Star had begun to live their own lives.  This is why, Dedrick and  I treat her like our daughter as she never really had a stable home to grow up in and we know that Eric will take good care of her when we are gone.

While I’m on the topic of family news, I would like to introduce to you the newest member of our home, our first granddaughter, Loretta who was born a couple of days ago weighing in at a healthy weight of 7 lbs, 2 ounces.  Dedrick and I are excited to have our first grandchild to spoil with lots of love and birthday gifts.   Eric and Carlotta are also very proud parents and can be found just cuddling and playing with their little one every chance they get.

There may be another wedding in the family as our second eldest son, Alec, has also just graduated from high school and has a romantic interest in a local girl by the name of Qiana Mixon, who just recently moved to town with her family.  Our youngest son, Yuric, has just started high school after completing elementary school with honors, even though we had to tell  him to do his homework before going to bed most nights as he would rather play outside or paint and also is showing a passion for music.  Little Holly has also just celebrated her birthday and is getting ready to start school and has the prettiest blond hair that you ever did see, well that’s a biased mother talking but that’s how parents are supposed to be.

Our family has also been very busy hosting some talented friends from our hometown of Appaloosa Plains.  First, we hosted a Simbot magician by the name of Mecha Marcie who put on a great show at our local Coffeehouse who did a great job with the magic box trick.  The day following her performance our friend, El Roboto who is an amazing acrobat, performed at the new private venue that recently opened in town and he was such a hit that everyone wanted him to come back and Dedrick managed to have El Roboto return for two encore performances, one at the Performance Park and the other at the Coffeehouse. Another family friend who goes by the name of the Great Pretender and is a famous singer came and put on a wonderful concert for our locals.

The time has now come for Dedrick and I to pass the family legacy over to our son, Eric to carry on with his lovely wife, Carlotta in generation five of the Estiban family musicians.  Even though Eric has a career in business and Carlotta is an angler we feel that they will do a great job in carrying on our story as Eric loves music, just like his parents and has already received requests to perform at various private functions around town.  Our daughter-in-law is also showing a great interest in playing the piano and guitar as she likes to make music or work out while the rest of the family is in bed.   Dedrick and I have both watched her play and she is doing very well as she is just learning to play these instruments.

Now that Eric and Carlotta are settled into married life with their daughter, Dedrick and I have decided to take on a whole new venture and help a land developer who I met in an online chat room who restores towns that have been destroyed or devastated by natural disasters and is looking for families to help him rebuild Laguna Coast which is town that is located in southern Calisimfornia on the Pacific coast that had been destroyed by a massive forest fire years ago.  This developer is looking for people of all walks and professions to help build the town’s economy and wants Dedrick to head up the music program at their local theatre and me to keep the local ghosts of those who perished in the fires from disturbing the new residents of the town which will hopefully encourage the survivors to return to their hometown.    Alec plans to join us with his future wife, Qiana once she graduates from school and when he becomes at least resident doctor in med school and then they will continue to bring you updates on the status of Laguna Coast’s population and regrowth.

That’s the main news for now and I hope that everyone has a wonderful day and remember that all critters great or small deserve our respect and care whether they are in the wild or not.  Speaking of little creatures, since my last update, my little friends have been slowly biting the dust and now I’m down to just our cockatoo, lizard, and turtle but don’t worry, I plan to catch more in our new town.  Dedrick and I now in our senior years and would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our friends for joining us in Hidden Springs and we look forward to sharing our new adventures with you from Laguna Coast while Eric carries on the Estiban Family Musicians legacy.

Your friends,

Kelly and Dedrick Estiban


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