The MacDougall Family Hobbyists: Generation Four

Chapter One: Tying Up Loose Ends

Hello everyone, this is Corbin MacDougall and along with my lovely wife Rebekah (who is a younger sister of my uncle Wayne’s wife Rachael Steel of the famous Steel family) are here to bring you all the news of my family’s legacy of hobbyists in generation four. Rebekah and I together with our son, Devin and my sister Crystal have moved to Appaloosa Plains in hopes of fulfilling our lifetime wishes. Before getting into the details of our move and starting life on our own, let me take you back to Sunset Valley and share the adventures of our family in our final days living at home.

My dad, Corey has certainly caught the adventure bug as a couple of days after his senior birthday he decided to return to Egypt to complete his last adventure of collecting flame fruit for a group of locals who were looking to find out who was responsible for some illegal activity going on in the government’s MorcuCorp division. When he arrived in Egypt, Corey found out that his contact had passed away but that another local by the name of Geb Hawas had taken over who requested that Dad bring the flame fruit to him. Another reason for my father’s trip was that he wanted to try out his new special boulder-breaking axe that Mom had purchased off an online adventure store for his birthday present. Since he had the motive mobile with him, Dad had lots of energy for the trip so instead of keeping the tourists awake at the camp with his guitar playing, he decided continue adventuring after collecting the flame fruit and retrieving the ancient book detailing three relics that were very important to his group’s mission.

Corey’s next mission that Geb sent him on was to collect two pieces of mummitonium to use as a bribe when the time came to infiltrate the MorcuCorp’s main computer in their headquarters located in a secret basement under Samir Amin’s home. Dad was able to find one piece of the mineral as it is a very rare natural resource and the relic merchant had just sold his last piece to another merchant. Instead of sitting around doing nothing for the rest of his trip, Corey decided to explore the old copper mine that his friend Aziz Moussa told him about that had lots of rock piles to clear and even a boulder to try his axe out on. At the end of the section of the mine after he smashed the boulder to get there, Corey found a neat room with a special red treasure chest on the other side of the ravine so he used his special teletransportation device that Crystal and I had given him for his birthday as well to help him get to the other side and found a relic belonging to the collection of special tomb souvenirs. Dad had to rush to the airport after he finished exploring this tomb as his travel time was just about up.

Shortly after Dad returned from Egypt, my sister Crystal had to travel to France to interview a local for her history project at school. After helping one of the local girls get a date with guy she had a crush on but was too shy to ask out herself, Crystal went to explore the area behind the Ancient Burial grounds that her father had said he never had a chance to explore. Dad lent her his special axe to take with her in case she needed it. After standing on a funny square with two footprints on it that she found in some tall grass, Crystal discovered a secret set of stairs going down into a large room underground and went down to explore and had lots of fun checking out all the nooks and crannies and finding some old nectar, a dive well to explore, and even found a rainbow gem which she used to make her imaginary friend Craig real upon returning home.

When she emerged from completing that part of her adventure, Crystal saw a big boulder covering something on the ground and after smashing it found a hole in the ground which hid another staircase going down to another part of the burial ground so she decided to explore that part, too. By this time, my sister was getting pretty tired and as luck would have it she found a secret entrance to the main room of tomb where all first time explorers go and slept in the tent where I had spent my first night in on my first trip to France. The next morning she ate some dried food for breakfast and continued exploring the rest of the underground tomb rooms and found lots of neat treasures even though she narrowly escaped some fire and electrical traps in one of the corridors but persistence pays off as Crystal finally completed the tomb which was aptly named the tomb of mazes as there were a lot of rooms and hallways to explore. Before returning home, Crystal helped another local resident with her meal preparations by collecting the required ingredients which included some frogs, two crocodiles, lettuce, and steak but the plums were not ripe at the time.

The day after Crystal returned home, Dad left again for Egypt as his boss wanted him to play his guitar in the markets and see how much he could earn in tips but as before, even though they like his music most of the locals are more interested in supporting their local snake charmers. Corey tried to continue his mummitonium mission but unfortunately there was none to be found so he decided to explore the Great Pyramid with his trusty special axe. As they say sometimes curiosity can kill a cat and he narrowly escaped with his life after waking up two mummies while exploring the pyramid but he found a lot of good treasures that made his near misses worth it. I guess that’s the risk that explorers take every time they enter a tomb. Just before his trip ended, Samir Amin invited him over for a visit and they had a nice chat and became good friends just as his trip was over.

While Dad was away, I had been looking into new career opportunities as I was looking for something more challenging than being a chef and decided to join the military. After applying to various military schools online, I was accepted into the Appaloosa Plains Military and was expected to start my training early Monday morning, so after hastily packing our stuff and booking a flight for my family and sister, Crystal as she decided to transfer her studies to the prep school there with a focus on music, we moved to Appaloosa Plains. Dad and Mom decided to stay in Sunset Valley and retire after Cristina’s term as Governor of the town was over and enjoy the rest of their lives together and taking care of our horse, Charlie and cat Zoe. There is also a stray Siamese kitty that has been hanging around that they decided to adopt whom they named Hyman. To help us in our move, Corey paid to have the house that I had remodeled for Rebekah and I to raise our family in, moved to a new lot in Appaloosa Plains.

Just before moving we celebrated our son, Devin’s birthday a couple of days early so his grandparents could see him age up. Rebekah was also happy about the move as she was thinking about changing careers herself as her sculpting business was going slow and she really wanted to be a writer as her lifetime wish is to become a profession author. Shortly after getting settled into our new home, we adopted a grey-tiger colored kitten by the name of Wecker, a golden labrador retriever named Stony who has attached himself to Devin, and an Australian Stock Horse who is a beautiful buckskin whose name is Pepper. Our household will also have a lot of little critters as I want to ultimately become a zoologist by having twenty minor pets which include, birds, snakes, lizards, turtles, and rodents of which I have three. Both Crystal and Devin have decided that they want to build Noah’s Ark and own two cats, dogs, horses, lizards, snakes, rodents, birds, turtles, butterflies and insects. So I guess collecting little critters is the MacDougall’s family’s hobby of this generation along with Rebekah writing her novels.

Well that’s the main news for now and Rebekah and I welcome you to our hobby farm in Appaloosa Plains. Don’t worry our little critters are in cages except for the macaws so you won’t have to worry about tripping over the snakes and turtles.

Chapter Two:  Family Excitement

How embarrassing, I was just reading over my previous family update and realized that in the excitement of our move to Appaloosa Plains, a very important new member of our family was omitted so please excuse me for a minute while I give myself fifty lashes with a wet noodle for that omission.  There, now I’m back and would like to introduce to you to our little girl, Deborah, whom we adopted shortly after getting settled into our new home when the hospital contacted us after she had lost her parents in a car accident and had no living relatives to take care of her and asked Rebekah and I if we would be interested becoming her new parents.  Of course we said yes, as we’ve been wanting a little girl for quite some time.  Deborah is the cutest little blonde-haired girl that we ever did see and you would hardly know that she had been adopted and we will always love her just as much as any child that is born to us in the future.

There now that I’m caught up on my previous news, let’s get downing to the current events in the MacDougall family.  Shortly after our son, Devin started high school, I was challenged by my boss, Quincy Miller, to travel to Egypt to disarm a trap in a tomb and then join his adventuring team.  Since I’ve never been one to turn down a challenge I left after work that day and while in Egypt helped some of the locals uncover some shady deals  that some of the leaders of the MorcuCorp government were concocting.  First, I was asked by Samir Amin to retrieve some papers that were hidden in a treasure chest in the Tomb of Discovery and then after delivering the papers to Samir, he sent me to his counterpart, Gemhset Hawas to help him with the more serious jobs of interviewing the locals and then collecting some flame fruit to help prepare a bribe for those who were working for the illegal side of MorcuCorp.

I ran out of time to complete that mission but returned a few days later when a local restaurant asked me to prepare falafel for their menu which is one of native dishes of the Egyptians to purchase the recipe.  On this trip I completed the flame fruit mission and retrieved and ancient book from the underground library at the Mahlboudhi household.  In the process of doing these jobs I became good friends with Samir, Gemshet, and Ameen Moussa and hope to someday be able to invite them to Appaloosa Plains for a visit.  During my first visit to Egypt I was even able to add a nice yellow colored python to my little critter pet collection at home to help my dream of having twenty of nature’s small creatures as pets which I’m happy to say now numbers twelve.

Our daughter, Deborah started school shortly after I returned from my first trip to Egypt and almost as soon as she celebrated her birthday, Deborah decided that she wanted to become a famous singer when she grows up.  Our town has taken on quite growth in career opportunities since new entertainment businesses have opened their doors which include a new music center, entertainment halls and parks where singers, acrobats and aspiring magicians can perform.   Even my sister Crystal and our son, Devin have changed their lifetime wishes from building Noah’s Ark to becoming master acrobats.

A few days ago, my sister Crystal graduated from high school with honors and was voted class valedictorian and she encouraged her fellow grads to work hard to make their lifetime goals and dreams come true.  Unfortunately my lovely wife, Rebekah was unable to attend Crystal’s graduation as our son, Tobin decided to make his appearance into the world just before it was time to head to the Town Hall for the graduation ceremony, so Rebekah took a cab to the hospital to have our baby and insisted that I go to my sister’s graduation with the rest of the family.

Crystal’s love life also started to blossom that day as she finally became friends with one of her fellow grads, Cruz Martingale who apparently has had a crush on her since the first time he saw her.   It all started after Cruz told a ghost story to those who would listen after the grad ceremony and of course Crystal always loves a good, scary story so she listened intently as the rest of us did.  Afterwards Crystal was getting quite hungry and noticed that Cruz was, too, and decided to ask if he wanted to come with her to the new Coffee House in town for lunch and he agreed.  They had a nice time together and before they knew their group outing had turned into a date when Cruz gave her a hug and asked her to watch the stars with him.    Anyways they had a great date and Cruz said that he was looking forward to getting together with Crystal again.

The next day, Crystal started her acrobat career as a mime and decided to visit the performance park and perform for tips.  She did quite well for a beginner and earned a little over 40 Simoeleons in tips.  After her performance, Crystal decided to ask Cruz out on a date to the new karaoke hall and they had a great time and one thing led to another and they became romantically involved.  They had a wonderful date and after playing some games together, Cruz headed home after thanking my sister for a great evening.   The next evening, they met up together again at another new entertainment venue in town and this time their relationship ended up going all the way as after they shared their first kiss and eventually becoming engaged, Cruz was so excited that he jumped into Crystal’s arms and then she leaped into his and he told her that he had been secretly in love with her since her first day at school.  Apparently Cruz didn’t want to wait for a formal wedding and asked if it was alright if they got married right then and there and that’s just what they did.   The newlyweds left almost right away on their honeymoon after coming home to pack.  Rebekah and I are happy for them and wish the new couple all the best and think that they are perfect for each other.  Just before they left, Crystal said that they had decided to settle in big city of  Bridgeport for a while to get established in their careers as Cruz wants to become a famous singer and to begin their own legacy called the Martingale Family Entertainers.

Chapter Three:  New Friends, New Home and New Adventures

As usual there is never a dull moment in the MacDougall household and so much has happened in the past few weeks it’s hard to know where to begin and so just like the opening line in one of the songs from “The Sound of Music”, I’ll start at the best place to start which is the beginning.   A couple of days after Cruz and Crystal left for their honeymoon, Deborah and Tobin each celebrated their birthdays.  Deborah grew up into a lovely teenage girl but with the attitude of a ‘diva’ and thinks that she should be the only diva in the world as she tends to put down anyone else with the same attitude.  Rebekah and I are trying to teach her to be nicer to the people she meets or she is going make more enemies than friends with her insults.  Tobin also aged up into the cutest toddler with his mother’s reddish-brown hair and before he started school, our son loved to play with the special doll that he received from his aunt Dinah.

It’s hard to believe that our eldest son, Devin is now a young adult as he celebrated his birthday a couple of days after Deborah and Tobin aged up and graduated from high school at the top of his class and was named class valedictorian.  He has since joined the acrobat career and has already earned two promotions by performing his tricks for tips at the performance park.  The proprietor of the park in Twinbrook, Des Eyre was so impressed with Devin’s skills that he hired him to perform the next night but I guess performing for the fun of it and doing it in front of a crowd are two different things as Devin’s first show turned out to be a flop as he was quite nervous but it was still a good learning experience and I’m sure that with more practice, Devin will get better.

Before we ended up in Twinbrook, Rebekah and I purchased a horse farm that was located up the road from us that we have admired since moving to Appaloosa Plains.  The property has a lovely colonial style farmhouse, a large barn with two box stalls,  a nice big paddock for our horse, Pepper to run around in, and lots of space for my collection of little critters.  Before moving in Rebekah and I had a large family room added above the stables and remodeled the upstairs of the main house to include seven bedrooms and a large balcony.  However no sooner than we got settled into our new home, I received a phone call from Bobby Sargent of the Twinbrook Army Base offering me the position of wingman with the opportunity to quickly advance my career he even agreed to cover all moving expenses and even found a moving company willing to move our new house and barn.  My new boss even found a lot just the right size for our property which I found out later was formerly the Bayless family Junkyard who had sold the property to Mr Sargent  when he decided to get out of the business about a year prior to us moving there.  Bobby had the junk piles moved to the other junkyard in town and had the land cleared for our home.  This is how we came to live in Twinbrook as the job offer was just too good to pass up.

Almost as soon as we got settled in Twinbrook, Rebekah and I got word that a good friend of ours, Dahlia who is an up and coming singer was coming to town to do a show at the performance park and of course we were more than happy to be her hosts.   Dahlia put on a wonderful show and the whole town was talking about it for days and Marc Brandt was going around town with a dreamy look in his eyes as she quickly became his favorite new singer and since I work with Marc, I know that he’s been listening to her music on his MP3 player everyday since.

My wife, Rebekah and daughter Deborah have also had a couple of adventures together since we arrived in Twinbrook.  Rebekah was contacted by a merchant in France who wanted to buy one of her novels and Deborah was asked by her history teacher to interview a French local to learn more of their culture.  They decided to travel together but somehow ended up on the wrong flight and ended up in Shang Simla, China on their first trip so they decided to find some adventures to in China as Rebekah and Deborah didn’t want to have traveled all that way for nothing.  They both had a lot of fun,  Rebekah got to explore the Halls of the Lost Army while Deborah got to help a local with his research of the Dragons Maw.  After returning home for a couple of days, Rebekah and Deborah left again for France to complete their original missions and while there explored the Ancient Burial Ground to retrieve a lost baseball for the local general merchant and they also got to visit the nectary where Rebekah harvested some nectar grapes to plant in our garden back home.

Well that’s the main news for now and please join us for more family fun next time and please come visit us in our new home in Twinbrook. Take care and remember to take time to enjoy nature and learn from the little creatures that make their homes in the wild.

Chapter Four:  Here We Go Again, Another Move

Lately, I’ve been wondering if there is a category in the SimWorld book of records if there was a category for the most moves in a generation.  If there was, our family might be in the running as we have moved three times before our youngest son, Tobin, started school.  Our family is now living in the new hip-hopping town of Starlight Shores and let me bring you up to speed on how we ended up there.

As you know our eldest son, Devin is an up-and-coming acrobat in the world of entertainment and he had a once in a lifetime opportunity come his way that would help him out in his career.   Shortly after my last update the international Sim Cirque de Soleil Circus came to Twinbrook to perform as part of their tour of this side of Simworld.  This is a group of acrobats and clowns that perform amazing feats of death-defying stunts for their audiences.   To help promote their show, there was a special contest for new acrobats to audition for a special chance to join the circus tour and learn skills from the professional acrobats on the show that would help them better their acrobat careers.   Devin decided to tryout for this special honor and was surprised when he was picked out of the twenty other contestants for this great opportunity.   He was allowed to bring one guest with him, so he invited me to join as he knew that I love circuses especially the horses that are apart of the show.   The tour lasted for two weeks and we both had a blast as I even got to ride one of the horses into the ring during one of shows.  My lovely wife, Rebekah stayed home with Deborah and Tobin to keep the home fires burning and take care of our family pets.

A few days after Devin and I returned from our exciting adventure, I got word from my commanding officer of the Twinbrook army base that I was being transferred to the new military station in Starlight Shores and being in the army means that you do not question your superiors but are required to fulfill all that is required of you including relocating to help your country in any way you can.  As always the military took care of all moving expenses including finding moving trucks large enough to move our house and stables to a nice new lot in Starlight Shores.

Devin was especially excited about the move as our new hometown is known for its nightly entertainment and is a great spot for aspiring singers, acrobats, and magicians to further their careers.   So far, Devin has been able to perform at various public venues for tips and even attended an acrobat seminar that was held at the local business office.   Deborah was able to make new friends at school and has since graduated with honors from high school and is just beginning her singing career.  Tobin breezed through elementary school and is now just starting high school and has decided that he wants to rescue six stray animals in his lifetime and is showing great talent as and artist.

In other family news, our family dog, Stony recently passed away of old age and after mourning a couple of days for him, we adopted a bull terrier mix older dog but the name of Lucky who has fit well into our family.  While we know that he is in the last third of his life, our family is happy to give him a loving home live out his life in as we understand that he had been at the shelter for a long time as people tend to pass over the senior dogs and cats when choosing a pet for their families.   I have also reached a milestone as I have finally been able to collect twenty pets from the wild to fulfill my lifetime wish but as these little critters have become as much as part of the family as Pepper (our horse), Wesker (cat), and now Lucky, I will no doubt continue to make little critters part of our household as long as I can.  We all take time to mourn the death of one little pets when they pass away, even Wesker gets attached to them as did Stony.

Well that’s the main news for now and Rebekah and I would like to invite you now to our home in Starlight Shores.  We also enjoy hosting our fellow Sim singers, magicians, and acrobats as they go on tour and there is always a spare bed for them to sleep over if they wish.   May all of our friends have a wonderful and happy spring and wishing all mothers out there all the best on their upcoming special day!

Chapter Five:  Bridging the Gap

Hi everybody, this is Devin (aka:  Daring Dev) bringing to you the final update of the fourth generation  in our family’s legacy before my younger brother, Tobin takes over.  I suppose you’re all wondering what happened this time, well stay tuned and you will soon find out. They say that you should start with the sad news first but this time, I’ll sandwich the not so good news in between the happy parts.

Both my sister, Deborah and I have been working really hard on our careers and love performing for tips at various locations around town.  Our side performances always draw nice crowds and  have made many friends in the process.  Deborah is kept busy most days by delivering various song-o-grams to our neighbors and friends who need their days brightened and so far, my sister has been able to perform these flawlessly.  We both had our first live performances at the entertainment park here in Starlight Shores.  While we did alright for our first performances, the proprietors felt that  we could do much better but that was mainly due to the butterflies in our stomachs that always come to first time performers.

In other family news,  Tobin was able to make his imaginary friend Tony real a few days after he started high school.   Tony is very ambitious and likes to make sure that everything he does is done right.  He also seems to have a natural flair for cooking as he is the only one I’ve seen who has not burned the first meal he cooked.   Mom spends most of her days exercising, writing her novels, and taking care of the family pets and little critters.  Many of Dad’s little critters have been slowing dying off and it seems that almost everyday we’re mourning the passing of one of these fascinating little creatures.

All-in-all our home life was down to a nice happy routine until one day when our happy bubbles burst when Dad’s army commander showed up on our doorstep with sad news.  Corbin had just recently been promoted to flight officer and that day while the pilots were going through training maneuvers in their fighter planes, something went wrong with the plane that he was flying and it crashed into an open field killing my father instantly.  While the tragedy was hard to take for the whole family, my mother took it the hardest as it was something that she always feared would happen when my father first joined the army.   The town was very supportive in our time of loss and the army even held a military memorial for Dad and presented Mom with a plaque honoring Corbin’s career.  My sister, Deborah, has decided to take her show on the road for a while before settling down.

Shortly after the funeral, Tobin received an acceptance letter into the special art program at Sunset Valley’s School for the Gifted.  Since Tobin has a love for the arts, Mom thought that he should further his education there and asked me to move with him to Sunset Valley and to be my brother’s guardian until he graduated from school and was ready to take over the family legacy.  Mom was still reeling from Dad’s sudden death and she decided to move to Bridgeport to live with her sister-in-law, Crystal and her family as they invited her live out her days with them.   So a couple of days later, Tobin and I boarded a plane to Sunset Valley and through the help of Jack Bunch who is an officer in the local army who had heard of Dad’s fatal accident and wanted to help us get settled and offered us the retirement home that he had built on a lot across the the street from their current home.  He knew that we were animal lovers and said that the house had two box stalls built into the above ground basement while the living quarters had been built above stables.  I graciously accepted the offer and Tobin and I moved in and found that Mrs Bunch had the place beautifully decorated and we loved it on sight.

Like any job when you switch jobs to move to a new town where you are unknown, you have to start at the beginning and rebuild your reputation.  Shortly after getting settled into our new home,  I started performing my acrobat stunts for tips and quickly regained the position I had while in Startlight Shores and have been able to make many new friends as they all seem to love my performances.   I’ve even been able to score a weekly performance gig at the local coffeehouse after putting on  a spectacular show the other night.

Tobin has settled well into his new school and joining their art club after school program and even painted a lovely painting and is also learning sculpting.  I’m sure that our ancestor, Clippy would be proud as I understand that he became a master painter in his lifetime.  While in high school, Tobin started communicating with a young lady by the name of Nattie Mocmuller who was a friend of our aunt Crystal and sent us her best wishes by email after getting our address from Crystal.  Tobin was the first to read her note and sent her a thank-you back and then they started emailing each other quite regularly and he found out that her family was from Sunset Valley but she had decided to live for a few years in the new town of Elmira City while figuring out her plan for life.  Since then Tobin and Nattie have email and chatting with other almost every night and I can tell that he is smitten with her as my brother has a dreamy look on his face when he goes to bed at night.

What my little brother doesn’t know is that Nattie is feeling the same way for him as I received an email from her the other as she had a surprise up her sleeve. It seems that Nattie has been getting a little homesick and had been thinking of moving back to her hometown and knew that Tobin’s graduation is coming up.  She wanted to know if she could stay with us for a while and  also wanted to surprise Tobin by showing up at his graduation and cheering him on in his special day.  I readily agreed and now must go make sure that everything is ready in our guest room for her but don’t be surprised if you start to hear wedding bells from our home in the near future.

That’s the main news for now and please join Tobin and I in our new home in Sunset Valley and stay tuned for more exciting family news from my brother as he brings you all of our family news in generation five of the MacDougall family hobbyists.

Your friend,

Daring Dev

PS.  I would love to come perform my dazzling acrobat stunts for any of our friends.



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