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The Estiban Family Musicians: Generation Five

Chapter One: Triple Play Hello friends, this is Eric bringing you all the adventures and misadventures of our family in generation five of the Estiban family musicians along with my lovely wife Carlotta who was formerly of the Shue family back in Hidden Springs. As you know we got married in a private ceremony shortly …

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Surgeons of Hope: Generation Eight

Chapter One: Our Growing Family It’s hard to believe that the time has come for me, Nala Day, to carry my family’s legacy of world renown surgeons into the eighth generation. I know that if my father, Merley had lived long enough he would have reached the top of the medical profession. In light of …

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Fitness Crusaders: Generation Two

Chapter One: The Healing Power of True Love This is Isabelle Broke coming to you from the other side of the world along with my lovely husband, Isaac Jacobson to share with our friends the adventures and news of the Broke family in generation two of the Fitness Crusaders legacy which was started by my …

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A Little Russian Magic: Generation One

Chapter One: Welcome to Lunar Lakes Greetings from the planet Lunar Lakes, this is Dimitri Ivanov inviting you join in the adventures of our family on the second planet in our solar system that, with the help of modern technology, has been made safe for humans to live on. I am from the little earthly …

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Fruit of the Imagination: Generation Two

Chapter One: Thankful to be Alive A big hello goes out to all those who have help me, Issachar Steelwood, through these last few months in my life after losing my family and nearly being killed myself when a meteor fell out of the sky and hit our home. To those of you who may …

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Quickies with Meka

Short stories by Meka James

Dogbane Hollow

Way down deep where the shadows are heavy

Jill's 100 Baby Challenge

Will Jill Thomas succeed in her quest to have 100 babies in her lifetime? Come along on her journey with me and let's see what happens.

Cloudwalker Sims

...make a wish...


Just another site

Jim's Sims 3 Stories

A collection of stories inspired by The Sims 3

Something For Everyone's Needs

TUF Heart

Poses by TheUsernameFound

Of Kings And Castles

The Kingdom Of Castle Keep


Stories I wrote based on the game TS3

Ivories' Sims 3 Stories...

Stories for all Seasons...

Featuring creations for The Sims 4!

I like to create for The Sims series of games

Dreams in the Something

Lame title Readable story

The Tremaine Legacy

A Disney Themed Legacy

enter the domain where creatures of the night roam freely in search of their prey

Westmoreland Manor

The story of a family, a house, and mystery

Lenny & Bart

The story of a man witch and his ghost

Slices of my Soul

For every idea, another slice is served