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The Peel Family’s Humble Beginnings Legacy

Author’s Note: This legacy will follow the Humble Beginnings which was created by fellow Simmer, Dreamer32910 and the goal is to help your Sim go from living with the bare necessities to building their own home and having a family. The challenge ends when the legacy home is completely built and the household funds are …

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The Kite Family Careeracy: A Variety of Careers

Generation One: Raphael & Hailey Kite Author’s note: My third new story will focus on the Careeracy Challenge where the founder and heirs of each generation have different careers so that none of the career, profession, or self-employed jobs are repeated. Since I’m doing this for fun and not scoring, I will be using the …

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The Darvis Family Traitacy: Matching Goals to Personality

Author’s note: For my second story featuring Sims from my friends, I decided to try the ‘Traitacy Challenge’ where you highlight a specific trait of your Sim and match to their life time wish by choosing a career that matches that trait to help them reach their goals. In this challenge I will be highlighting …

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The Salvatore Family’s Evil Wishacy

Chapter One:  New Beginnings. Welcome to a brand new story featuring Damon and Crimson Salvatore and their daughter, Scarlett who have recently moved to Hidden Springs from a little island called Redwood Harbour.   The family was introduced by one of their neighbors, Isabelle Broke , a few weeks ago.  To make a long story short, Damon and …

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“The Legacy of a Stable Home Life”: Generation One

Chapter One: All Good Things Come to Those Who Wait, Including Love I, Mindy Cal, just moved to Bridgeport to start a career in music which will help me reach my goal of mastering the guitar and charismatic skills. The second skill comes natural to me, so with lots of interactions with the public and …

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Adventures with Carol Funke

Part One:  Carol’s Tribute to Her Family Part 1 I, Carol Funke, live at 582 Bayou Gulch Drive where I grew up with my parents Rhett and Sabrina Funke with my older brother and sister Spencer and Irene. Brett and Katrina were my younger siblings. Am sad to report that one day, I came home …

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Quickies with Meka

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