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The Estiban Family Musicians: Generation Six, Chapter Two

 A Fond Farewell   Hello friends and welcome to our new home in Sunlit Tides and please join our family annual memories day when we dust off the photo albums of the past year and reflect on how much our family has grown and see the many lessons that events in our lives have shaped …

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Spontaneous Living in Space: Generation One

Author’s Note: I thought I’d have some fun and try out the Random Challenge. For the rolls I used my dice method and then chose a premade Sim in CAS that would fit the first generation rolls. The title may change when I think of something more original or if future heirs move the family …

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The DaWolf Pet Haven: Generation Two

Chapter One: Building a Safe Haven for Pets   Welcome friends to country life in Hidden Springs where I, Ainsley DaWolf, and my lovely wife Sophie along with our daughter, Sonya now reside after Sophie received a transfer to the local police force last summer. Kala (my mother) sends here regards along and my brother …

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The Salvatore Family’s Evil to Good Wishacy: Generation Two

Chapter One: Transitions Welcome back to another exciting installment of wishes from the Salvatore family. When we last left the family Crimson had reached her lifetime goal of becoming ‘Emperor of Evil’ and she and Damon, Sr decided to purchase a home on the outskirts of Hidden Springs for themselves while leaving the main house …

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The Thao Family Crimebusters: Generation Three

Chapter One: Country Living   Howdy, folks and welcome to our new country home in the mid-western town of Appaloosa Plains where farming is a way of life among many of our neighbors. Please make yourselves at home while I introduce you to the family. This lovely lady standing next to me is my adoring …

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The Martingale Songbirds: Generation 2

Chapter Two: Singing With the Stars Hooray, Hooray it’s a holly, jolly Friday and you are all welcome to kick off the weekend with Martingale Songbirds with your hostess, Lullaby Liz in our new home in Starlight Shores. Please help yourselves to fresh country bread topped the way you like with butter and/or molasses and …

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