The Steelwoods: Faithful Pioneers, Generation One: Chapter Two
Hello Friends,

We hope that all of our friends in real life and around Simland are doing well and have had lots of fun since our first family newsletter went out almost a Sim year ago. My wonderful husband, Zack joins me (Monika) along with our lovely two daughters, Sharica and Marika send our best wishes to all of our friends. To those of you who are feeling under the weather we hope that you feel better real soon and remember that spring is only a month away in the real world and before you know it the birds will be chirping, the snow will melt (hopefully sooner not later), spring flowers will start blooming and the frogs will welcome spring with their beautiful nighttime choruses. Now that you’re all dreaming about spring, it’s time for me to share with you all of the family news and excitement during our second Sim year of living on the lovely island of Winchester working to build our homestead one generation at a time. Just let me drag out the family photo album and share our lives and memories with our pictures from the past year.
Summer Fun
This is me, Monika who is an angler by trade catching some fish to sell to the supermarket so that we can pay our bills. The fish tend to bite better at night so that’s when I usually go fishing.

This is our eldest daughter, Sharica who is just getting ready to start high school. Sharica has decided that she wants to be an animal rescuer someday and adopt at least six homeless pets.

Here I am greeting the newest addition our household and my bid to become an ark builder. This little cutie’s name is Elijah who is a purebred Norwegian Forest.

Elijah settled right in and here he is running around.

Fishing at one of the many local fishing holes.

Caught a perfect little minnow.

This is Storm the first bird I caught for my ‘ark’. He is a beautiful Catalina Macaw.

Sharica takes after her father and loves to paint in her spare time and since graduating from high school has joined the painter’s career. We’ll have more on that later.

Storm in his new home.

As you can see Zack and I are still very much in love and have since earned the ‘eternally faithful’ reputation in our community.

As an animal lover, I love taking the time to play with all of our pets. Zack is playing tug-of-war with Sassy in the background.

This was painted by my hubby, Zack.

Sassy loves playing with Zack.

Zack was hypnotized by one of the local paparazzi who also happened to be a vampire.

Sharica mounted Starla for the first time.

A starry summer night in Winchester.

Sharica wanted to learn logic and since she couldn’t afford to take a class she decided to use the one at a local camp.

Sharica getting some kitty love from Elijah.

When you don’t have a TV or computer, you find other ways to have fun like jumping in puddles.

Teaching Storm to say ‘Hello’

A Carefree Autumn
A pretty fall morning in Winchester.

A new family moved to town. Meet Desmond and Holly Darvis.

Zack is proudly holding our new daughter, Marika.

Marika in her crib.

Family funds were getting low so I caught some fish in the ocean behind our house then sold them to the supermarket.

With winter coming the birds start their flight south.

Fall view in front of our home.

Zack playing with his little girl.

Meet Graculus the latest addition to our happy home.

Sharica, Marika sleeping in the house with Elijah and Sassy.

Zack being sniffed by Elijah.

Storm playing with his toy.

Caught this luminous salamander.

Our little Marika is now a toddler with her daddy’s strawberry-blond hair and here she is playing with the special doll that Zack’s parents sent her.

Marika’s close-up picture.

Zack just completed this lovely picture of ducks flying over the water.

A tired out Marika.

On this fine fall morning I decided to go for a ride on Starla.

Rainbow after the rain.

Zack and I hosted a fall feast party for a few of our neighbors.

Zack teaching Marika to talk.

We managed to get enough money to buy a build-it-yourself box stall from the local hardware/farm supply store. Someday we hope that one of our descendents will build a barn around it.

Meet our new Cavalier King Spaniel/Poodle cross puppy, Brandon.

Sassy likes to howl along with the radio.

Brandon likes to wake us up not long after we’ve gone to bed.

This is Elijah as an adult cat.

Snowy Winter
Sassy is waiting to play with Brandon who is bounding through the snow that pretty much buries him.

Sharica won a free makeover from the local beauty parlor. She met Raymond Darvis giving a makeover to his mother, Holly. The little girl is Raymond’s little sister, Ariane.

Here is a picture of Raymond holding his little sister.

It was almost love at first sight between Raymond and Sharica and he even kissed her for the first time. (His mother kind of helped, too as she had cast the ‘love’ charm on him just before.

Sharica was so happy that she gave him flowers.

Sharica getting her makeover.

Imagine that a rainbow in the middle of a snowstorm.

Zack holding Marika at Sharica’s graduation.

Time flies when you’re having fun and before I knew I became a senior.

Sharica teaching her little sister to walk.

Winter scene.

Our humble abode.

One has to make a living even in the winter.

This is one of Sharica’s early paintings in her career.

This is Marika all ready for school.

We went as a family to the Winter festival on Snow Day. These werewolves seem to be cheating on the ice. It’s a wonder they don’t get dizzy as they kept going around and around on the ice all day.

Marika had fun snowboarding.

I’m helping Raymond learn how to skate. His family happened to be there, too.

Raymond’s sister Ariane has also started school.

My hubby, Zack built this Grim Reaper snowman.

Sharica helping Ariane Darvis skate. Someday she’ll be her sister-in-law.

Zack did this still-life painting.

Kind of cold for sailing but it looks like fun.

A while ago, one of the locals asked me to join their adventuring club by traveling to Egypt to disarm a trap. While I was their I helped some locals look into the shady deals of the MorcuCorp.

I also caught this Indian Roofed turtle to add our menagerie back home and named him Don.

Found this camp in the middle of nowhere.

Exploring makes a person hungry. Here I’m looking for a trap to disarm in one of the Pyramids.

Bingo, this trap was easy to disarm.

Made sure my turtle was happy before catching my flight home.

Don in his new home.

Another rainbow over the snow.

Family photo from Snow Day.

This paparazzi challenged me to a water balloon fun and as you know, I’m always up for crazy fun.

Spring’s Battle With Winter


The first day of spring started with snow that just did not want to stop until the temp reached 60 F

One of Sharica’s paintings.

Brandon’s birthday, his puppy days are over.

This is a beautiful stray cat that Zack and I adopted after she showed up in our yard. We named her Bobbin.

This ‘Lady in Red’ was painted by Zack and valued at 800 Simeoleons. Zack had been commissioned by a merchant in China for one of his paintings and since their was a seat sale on he decided to deliver this one and the merchant paid him 4X its worth (over 3200 Simoleons)

Elijah being groomed by Bobbin.

Zack’s trip to China to deliver his painting. He also helped a local retrieve an ancient relic. The loving husband that he is, Zack also caught a Yellow Python for me while he was away.

Zack wanted to become a seasoned traveler but unfortunately family funds did not allow it. Hopefully he’ll be able to return to China to earn his first Visa level at some point.

I was on an outing with a local at the beach and couldn’t resist swimming in the ocean. Please do not do this at home.

Splashing in puddles is fun and not only for kids.

Stark, the yellow python, in his new home.

While the paparazzi was taking a picture of me, our family photographer got his picture.

Our youngest daughter, Marika has grown into a lovely teenager.

Old Man Winter just did not want to give up. It snowed the night before Love Day.

An old-fashioned writing nook, painted by Zack.

Family pets Sassy and Elijah goofing around.

Sharica just finished this painting for her career.

I finally saved enough money to take a riding class at the local equestrian center.

The passing of our beloved dog, Sassy.

A little love helps ease the pain of the loss of a loved one.

This is Ariane Darvis as a teenager.

Sharica and Raymond (Darvis) had dinner together at the local cafe before heading home to bed.

Here is a parting shot of an alien dressed in civilian clothes who came down to earth for a visit.

Well I hope that you’ve all enjoyed our family newsletter and now that Zack and I are getting up in years we will be handing the family pen to Sharica as she continue building the family homestead in the next generation. Even though I haven’t accomplished my goal of becoming an Ark builder, I have come pretty close and happy with the animals who have joined our household over the years and have also had the joy of reaching level six in my fishing career. Zack has become a well-know painter in the area and if he’s spared long enough, he hopes to reach the top of his painting career but is happy that he has mastered the skill.

Until next time remember to always have fun no matter your status in life.


Monika and Zack Steelwood



  1. Nice update Silver. I love the start of your challenge. Sorry you didn’t get the founder’s LTW completed.

    • Thanks for the comment. The second generation will probably start sometime in the early part of my game play next time. Question: Do you know if the ‘Ark Builder’ has to have all the animals in the household at the same time or just at some point they have to have had 2 of each animal? Monika got close though, she only needed 1 turtle, 1 snake and 2 rodents and lizards and a horse.


      • I think you have to have all of them at the same time. That’s the approach I’m taking with Austen anyway.

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