The Steelwoods: Faithful Pioneers, Generation Two



A New Challenge: Journey to Love


Welcome to the quaint, colorful Russian town of Aurora Skies where visitors can take in the breath-taking views of three gorgeous waterfalls, bright, colored houses, and various areas to picnic after catching fish in the ocean or one of the many fishing lakes our town has to offer. My name was Sharica Steelwood, well my first name is the same but now that I’m married to the most wonderful man in the world (All wives are suppose to say that.) I’ve decided to take my husband, Viktor’s last name which is Valquist. Before I lose everyone completely, let me tell you how true love came to be.

As you know, I grew up in the beautiful country island town of Winchester which is just off the coast of Simland in the Simlish Channel where my parents, Zack and Monika Steelwood set out to build our homestead from scratch and live as the early pioneers did who first settled the land many centuries ago. Life was grand living in the one-room house, sleeping under the stars most nights and in the winter we built igloos to sleep in. Dad loved to paint while Mom earned a living fishing while attempting to become what they call an ark builder and own two of every little creature and pets by the time her life on earth was over while maintain the faithful heritage that Mom’s ancestors, the Steel family, handed down throughout the ages. Far too often though plans rarely turn out as we planned due to unforseen circumstances like the forces of Mother Nature when our little island was heavily damaged by a huge hurricane which also took the lives of my parents when it destroyed our little home in the process. My sister, Marika and I survived because we were in school at the time and thank goodness the town officials had our school built underground in case the island was hit by a massive storm.

Once we picked up the pieces, Marika decided to live one of her school friends and finish her education before decided her life’s direction. I, on the other hand decided to move to the mainland and continue my painting there and try to rebuild our little homestead, pioneer style as my parents had done. While online looking for a new place to live, I found a beautiful town with waterfalls, mountains, and a mixture of farmland and small town life by the name of Aurora Skies and just fell in love with the place and had to live there. Upon my arrival in the town, one of the local real estate agents helped me find a nice large lot upon which start rebuilding the Steelwood homestead. By that though, pioneer living just didn’t have the same appeal for me but didn’t have enough money for anything better.

After spending the summer and part of the fall on my large lot with a little house and my loving dog, Treble and cat, Suzie, I was getting lonesome for human companionship. Each day I would go out to paint, fish, or even find special rocks to sell to the science center to earn extra money. It wasn’t too long before I met Viktor Valquist and we quickly became friends. One day he invited me to a party at his house to meet some of his friends including his adoptive daughter, Linn and roommate, Jesper Sandstrom who would soon move in with his romantic interest. While attending his party, Viktor surprised me by asking me to move in with him and since I was getting tired of being alone (not to mention that I was falling head-over-heals in love with Viktor), I agreed. It wasn’t long before Viktor proposed to me and we moved to a new house with a larger lot for my pets after we had a local contractor add an upstairs with a nursery and two bedrooms.

Now please sit back and relax while I show you some pictures from my first year living in Aurora Falls.


Your friend,


Sharica Valquist (nee, Steelwood)


Summer of New Beginnings



Autumn Love



A Snowy Winter



That’s all the pictures for now.




PS: Since this is no longer a Pioneer Challenge, after this update it will change to my Genealogy Challenge and be called ‘A Faithful Family Tree’.



  1. I guess the captions I added to the pictures on Photobucket didn’t transfer over but you can read them at, if you like:

  2. Hi Silver. Sorry it took so long to read but I spent most of my free time this week looking for the CC that was messing up my game after I installed University. Enjoyed the pictures. Did you move because the file was glitched or just wanted to play in Aurora Skies? Btw- I still do plan to do the pioneer challenge but I still have some prep on it. If I have your email I can email the draft of the concept to you.

    • I actually moved because I lost the last game save when my hubby reformatted the computer as windows basically stopped responding and I wasn’t able to get the saved game transferred to Drive D. I had saved Sharica to my bin in case something went wrong so I started the challenge again with her but she accepted Viktor’s invitation to move in with him so that ended the pioneer challenge for now. Her story is now based on my Realistic Challenge. I may pick the challenge up with someone else later but am just playing for fun and cut my stories down to 4.

      My email is

      Look forward to your Frost updates.


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