The Martingale Songbirds: Generation 2, Chapter Three:

 Island Paradise


Greetings from the beautiful Winchester Island located in the Simlish channel, this is Liz Martingale along with my wonderful husband, Oaken inviting all of our friends to join us in our new home for a fun-filled Spring Fever holiday where you can just relax and do whatever your heart desires. For those who like real adventure, hop in our new hot air balloon and do some sight-seeing from the sky or take our new horse for a ride around the countryside or just stay behind and visit or come see me perform a show at the Performance Park. For those of you who just want relax, I’ll leave our family album on the table for your viewing pleasure of the family activities over the past few months.


Island Summer
The main floor of the main floor of the Martingales’ new home on Winchester Island

The upstairs with a future nursery.

Lullaby Liz playing the piano while the family’s rising singer, Electrifying Eden looks on.

Eden doing the Smustle Dance.

Eden’s brother, Owen is also musically talented but is undecided in his career choice as he is still in high school

Oaken (Liz’s hubby) wanted to adopt a horse and found this lovely Hanoverian at the stables. His name is Arashi.

Electrifying Eden delivering her first sing-o-gram.

Lullaby Liz’s first show at the local performance park. She was so amazing that the proprietors awarded her with a weekly gig.

Eden is also an author and she was asked by one of the merchants in China to sneak one of her books into the country. Here she is doing some exploring under the market while looking for lapis lupus for the local relic merchant.

While she was out looking for assassin beetles, Eden found some buried treasure.

Lullaby Liz put on a great show at the local Coffee House.

Electrifying Eden performing for tips for the first time. Even though she didn’t make much in tips it was a good experience and she made a new friend.

Lullaby Liz helping one of her neighbors get in the romantic mood.

It seems that someone always wants Liz for something when she’s busy.

Blooper shot. Somehow Owen got stuck in the foundation of the family’s home.

The smustle dance in action (Just click to view video clip)

Lullaby Liz’s concert at the Performance Park.

Coffee House concert

Eden’s first year at Sims University

This is one of the plant people who was one of Eden’s roommates.

Eden meeting some of the other students at the ‘Meet and Greet’.

Eden working on her sketching techniques for her Fine Arts major.

Jeffery Dean from the Fraternity, invited Eden to all of his parties including this one on the first night that Eden arrived. Keg stands are a very popular party activity.

Eden even tried it.

One guest let his plasma level get too low. Mr Grim let him live as he had fun watching his calamities.

This Sim is just glad to be alive.

First day of classes. Eden had a busy schedule with 3 classes on Mon, Wed, Fri and one on Tue and Thurs for 5 classes in all.

Eden attending her first lecture. Eden ended up with one of the highest grades in her courses.

Eden was dared to kiss someone at the party so she kissed Jeffery Dean and they promptly fell in love with each other.

Eden is a good sport and fulfilled a dare to go dumpster diving.

On Thursdays Eden’s class goes outside to practice their sketches.

Eden was dared to have a game of juice-ping pong with someone, so she challenged Jeffery Dean. He won but Eden did get a few shots including one right into his mouth.

Eden and Jeffery went bowling together for their first date.

Things got romantic after dinner and she received two bouquets of flowers.

You are being watched!

Eden’s sketch of a basketball game.

University Town in the fall.

Eden was dared to go streaking at the party which she did after getting a little juiced.

A dark, rainy day.

Eden doing the keg stand with help from Jeffery.

Eden decided to get some fall outfits and look more like a university student.

Some of the students still hung over from Jeffery’s party the night before.

Eden studying for her midterms which she aced and got on the Dean’s Honor List.

Watching the stars together.

The next few pictures are of some more of Eden’s sketches.

Sims version of Tim Horton’s or Starbucks.

Eden and Jeffery taking a romantic photo of themselves.

Eden’s last party before heading home.

University Graduates
During her break from university, Eden invited Jeffery to visit her and meet the rest of the family in Winchester.

They missed each other so much and their flame of love was ignited once again.

Eden was so head-over-heels in love with Jeffery that she proposed not long after Jeffery arrived for his visit. Of course, he was thrilled and said, “YES” as he was in love with her, too.

Meet Eden’s loving husband, Jeffery. By the time they graduated from university, the happy couple had earned the ‘Eternally Faithful’ status.

Wintertime on campus.

View of the hills. It snowed for the whole winter semester.

Eden making a snow angel

This is Ezra Bellamy, Eden and Jeffery’s professor for the term.

The newlyweds enjoying each other’s company.

Love is in the air.

That weekend, Eden finally found time to write her science fiction novel.

Eden likes to sketch whenever and wherever the mood hits her.

Practicing her protesting skills.

Jeffery practicing a speech at a party.

Jeffery helped thaw out a fairy who was frozen in the snow.

Jeffery & Eden practicing their sketch technique during class activity. Both he and Eden were on the Dean’s List.

Jeffery and Eden taking notes.

Eden practicing the school cheer with one of her roommates.

Eden aced her final exam.

Graduation day. Eden’s parents, Oaken & Liz along with her brother Owen were able to attend. Eden did so well in university she gained two extra traits: Social Butterfly & avant-garde.

That’s all the pictures for now and Oaken and I are proud of Eden and Oaken for doing so well in university. We now look forward to finishing our careers and hopefully become grandparents before our time on earth ends. Hope you all have a great spring and Easter and please join Eden as she takes over the family story next time.


Your friends always,


Oaken and Liz Martingale (Lullaby Liz)



  1. WOW, as always you have so much going on… your Sims are so busy but it looks like your having fun with them 😀 *HUGS*

  2. Nice update! You had fun with Uni I see. I finally got mine to work but I want to get my Frost chapters out first.

    • Hi Fairybird, Yes, University Life is a lot of fun. I think it’s one of the best EP’s yet. Eden’s brother’s turn for university will be coming up but I want to try to get Liz to the top of her career before she’s gone.


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