The Lewis Family Undercover Specialists: Generation One

Chapter Two: Moving Back to Earth

Well welcome back to the Lewis family where Antoinette is working undercover in the ‘evil’ division of the Criminal Corporation where she is working her way to the top in order to bring the Boss of the crime ring who had killed her parents when she was a young teenager. Antoinette is actually part of a special crime fighting task force where it’s agents go undercover in various job and careers and work their way to the top in order to bring the bosses of major crime and drug rings around Simland in an effort to put an end to the unnecessary bloodshed of innocent victims and in the process avenge her parents’ murder. This courageous woman hopes to raise her children to follow in her footsteps and work undercover in various careers to catch the leaders of these crime rings.

While working in the Criminal Corporation in the space town or Lunar Lakes she uncovered some information that indicated that the crime boss she was looking for had recently been transferred to Starlight Shores. It just so happened that a few days later an internal job posting came up for a con artist position with the Starlight Black Market of the city’s crime syndicate. Antoinette applied for the position and after many internal interviews was on her way to Starlight Shores to begin her new life as a con artist. After packing clothing and necessities and selling their home, Antoinette and her sons boarded the SimVoyager for their trip back to earth and then flew out Starlight Shores where one of the local real estate agents helped the family find an affordable new home.

Now that the family has been in Starlight Shores for several Sim years which translates into six months of real life time, let’s check out the family album where their activities and adventures are documented.

A Starlight Summer

Antoine teaching his little brother, Bahar to talk. Bahar’s father is Hassan Bahar from Egypt.

Here are a few pictures of the Lewis family’s new home.

Antoinette, Antoine and Bahar watching TV.

Bahar learning to walk in the new child walker.

Antoinette is on her first date with her boss Simon Hodges. Romance sparked between them and they shared their first kiss.

Antoinette and Simon were naughty and tried for a baby in the photo booth at the Summer Fair.

Bahar trying out the new playpen.

Antoinette got abducted by aliens. Nothing happened with them as a few days later Antoinette found out she was pregnant with Simon’s child.

Antoinette is officially pregnant.

Bahar all ready for school.

Bahar likes to hold court.

Antoinette on her second date with Simon Hodges.

Antoine decided to go dumpster diving and he found a bedside lamp.

Introducing baby Simone, daughter of Antoinette and Simon

Antoine’s First Semester at Sim University

Simon is now a young adult ready to begin his acrobat career. (as per 2nd gen Random roll). He decided to attend university first and major in athletics to help his career.

Antoine Lewis decided to enroll in the physical education major at Sim University. Here he is at the meet and greet session in the Student Union building on campus at the beginning of his first semester.

Antoine doing some studying with one of his roommates, Karri Elrod while at a social function at another dorm on campus. Little did he know that day but by the beginning of his third semester, this lovely lady would become his wife.

Antoine’s first night on campus.

Antoine’s home while in university. This is a co-ed dormitory.

Studying for his exam at the end of the week.

Antoine’s class decided to study outside on this lovely day.

A student’s mode of transportation: bicycle.

Having fun with the soccer ball.

Antoine got a little nap in before the start of the lecture.

Antoine taking notes.

The professor was a little boring and put half the students to sleep.

In the ‘heat of the moment’, Antoine gave Karri a kiss. She didn’t appreciate the hasty move.

After receiving a B for his first semester, Antoine and Karri spent the afternoon together and watched the stars together before it was time for Antoine to head home.

Second Semester

Antoine returned home for a couple of days and here is Antoinette holding her daughter, Simone.

Antoinette seeing Antoine off to university for his second semester.

Antoine finally sharing his first kiss with Karri Elrod and they are now a couple.

Antoine is being very studious and taking notes even before the lecture begins.

This is Antoine’s professor this semester.

Antoine and Karri on their second date watching the stars.

Karri loves to have fun and went dumpster diving at the end of their date.

Antoine aced his final exam. He made the Dean’s List in his second semester.

Antoine playing in the leaf pile.

Antoine and Karri went on a date to one of the fishing parks and were treated to a mini-magic show.

Back home, Antoine working out with his mother.

Antoine practicing his acrobat stunts.

He gained quite a crowd of watchers for his first time performing for tips.

Antoine’s little sister, Simone is now a cute toddler.

Antoine invited Karri for a visit. They decided to travel back to university together so Karri moved in with the family.

Karri got some new clothes for the winter.

Antoine reading to his brother, Bahar.

Fun-spirited, Karri had some fun playing in puddles.

University Graduates

Bahar Lewis as a teenager. (His father was Hassan Bahar from Egypt but the family lost contact with him after their move to Starlight Shores)

Antoine and Karri finally were able to go out on a date together. They had a special night falling in love and getting married before heading back to university to finish their degress.

Their private wedding. Karri was cold in her formal dress and put her outdoor clothes back on.

Antoinette is now a hench woman in the ‘Evil’ criminal career and is well on her way to the top.

Antoinette took a couple of days to deliver a package for her boss to a contact in Egypt. While there she retrieved some important MorcuCorp papers for some locals looking into their shady deals.

A view of the pyramids at night.

Antoinette looking for some treasures to take home with her.

Antoinette in her new senior clothes.

Antoine and Karri back at university to complete their degrees. Antoine got his degree in sports and while Karri majored in Communications.

Antoine entertaining guest at a party the first night back.

Antoine finishing his first day of classes.

Karri coming out of her last class of the day.

Antoine fulfilled a party dare to go dumpster diving.

Karri broadcasting campus news as part of her class activity.

A snowy night on campus.

Karri’s professor, Garrison Fort.

The professor couldn’t quite keep the students’ attention.

Karri was the only one who stayed awake.

Dress code is a little lax. This student went to class in his sleepwear.

Karri just aced her midterm exam.

Karri loves to have fun and goes streaking at most of the parties she attends.

Antoine decided to write the science fiction novel he had been wanting to write that weekend.

Karri decided to write one, too since improving her writing skills helps her major.

Antoine doing some class activities for his sports major.

Karri all ready for her lecture class.

Karri studying for her finals.

Antoinette was able to attend Antoine and Karri’s graduation. Bahar stayed home to take care of his little sister, Simone.

Karri graduated with a B average and gained the ‘bookworm’ trait.

Antoine finished with an A average and gained the ‘Natural Born Perfomer’ trait to help him in his acrobat career.

Karri decided to celebrate her graduation by going dumpster diving for one last time before going home.

That’s all the family photos for now and hope you enjoy!


Note: Generation 2 will begin when Antoinette reaches the top of her career and Antoine’s brother, Bahar or sister, Simone (depending on which one fits the generation rolls the best) join him and Karri after they finish their studies.

Here are the results of the second generation rolls:

Family Structure: Full House with 4 adults
Number of Children: 3
Careers: Journalism-Karri, Acrobat-Antoine, Inventor, Education
Generation Goal: Perfectionist
Miscellaneous Fun: It’s So You (decorate each Sims room according to reflect who they are)



  1. For some reason the pictures are not showing again. Photobucket must have changed something again.

  2. Makes me miss Sims 3 🙂 !

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