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Hawaiian Roots: Generation 5:

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Hawaiian Roots: Generation 5:

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Hawaiian Roots: Generation 5:

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Sim Criminal Investigative Services (SCIS): Generation 1: Scientist of Solitude

Abigail says, ‘Good night’ to all of her special friends, including you, as she reads a book before heading to bed after her first shift at the Science Lab. Source: Sim Criminal Investigative Services (SCIS): Generation 1: Scientist of Solitude

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The Lewis Family Undercover Specialists: Generation One Chapter Two: Moving Back to Earth Well welcome back to the Lewis family where Antoinette is working undercover in the ‘evil’ division of the Criminal Corporation where she is working her way to the top in order to bring the Boss of the crime ring who had killed her parents when she was a …

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The Martingale Songbirds: Generation 2, Chapter Three:

 Island Paradise   Greetings from the beautiful Winchester Island located in the Simlish channel, this is Liz Martingale along with my wonderful husband, Oaken inviting all of our friends to join us in our new home for a fun-filled Spring Fever holiday where you can just relax and do whatever your heart desires. …

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The Steelwoods: Faithful Pioneers, Generation Two

http://   A New Challenge: Journey to Love   Welcome to the quaint, colorful Russian town of Aurora Skies where visitors can take in the breath-taking views of three gorgeous waterfalls, bright, colored houses, and various areas to picnic after catching fish in the ocean or one of the many fishing lakes our town has …

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The Steelwoods: Faithful Pioneers, Generation One: Chapter Two Hello Friends, We hope that all of our friends in real life and around Simland are doing well and have had lots of fun since our first family newsletter went out almost a Sim year ago. My wonderful husband, Zack joins me (Monika) along with our lovely two daughters, Sharica and Marika send our …

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The Realistic Genealogy Challenge : Generation Two   Chapter One: A New Place to Call Home Prologue: This legacy challenge began with Bianca Lawson who met and married her husband, Gerard Giquel who was originally from France. They met while Bianca was in Egypt on assignment and fell in love at first sight. During their happy marriage, the happy couple were …

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Bonus Pictures for Surgeons of Hope: Generation 10, update.

Here are some bonus town shots from the latest update.   The lighthouse. Fall colors in Monte Vista. Autumn scenery at night. A frosty morning and night A snowy morning in Monte Vista. Winter in Twinbrook Aerial view of snowy Twinbrook. A wintery night under the stars. The Raven horse, unicorn. He didn’t stay still …

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